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10-finger typing on the iPad: Customize your keyboard by a simultaneous multi-touch adaptation or a stored favorite layout. Touch typing is faster and more comfortable with a self- adapting keyboard configuration. TypeWay uses the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities and continuously adapts the keyboard to individual hand sizes, hand positions, and typing habits. That supports fast touch-typing and the flow of thinking and writing. Or you fix your favorite, customized configuration.



The first self-adapting multi-touch keyboard, TypeWay, fits the iPad’s technology of sensing ten touches simultaneously. Conventional keyboards require a discipline to tap in linear rows, but for example, pinky finger and ring finger prefer short distances. Hands are individual in size, shape, and typing habits and may shift their position. This app uses information about touch events in several intelligent algorithms to control and refresh the configuration of keys continuously. The algorithms react optional slow, medium, or fast, to shift the keys. The patented concept is a new way simple and optional works in various iPad applications for education, business, or journalism.


You can save and restore a keyboard configuration as a favorite. „Freeze“ fixes the configuration as your personalized keyboard. Beginners may prefer this „frozen” configuration or the slow adaptation available in „Settings.” The keyboard layout offers English and German with several international accents. iOS features are integrated, like cut, copy & paste, etc. TypeWay supports fast-touch typing, e.g., for protocols, lesson scripts, interviews, and emails. Activate the separate note-taker app by tapping on the TypeWay icon. And you can activate TypeWay in iPad’s settings as a universal keyboard in various iPad applications.


US Patent 7352365, China Patent ZL02825714.6.

TypeWay and its logo are registered trademarks in several countries.

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  • Facilitates learning touch typing skills
  • Advantages of blind typing
  • Adaptation, for example, to small hands
  • Optional installed as a general iPad keyboard
  • Separate typing app with storage and management of text files
  • The separate app offers text export via „Share” to, e.g., Mail, AirDrop, Messages, Notes, several text programs, Twitter, Print, Copy, Save to Files, or other applications.
  • Integrated iOS features, like cut, copy & paste, etc.


System Requirements:

* iPad in landscape mode

* iPadOS 13.0 or later.

* 1.7 MB


Pricing and Availability:

TypeWay 1.5 costs $0.99 (USD) or the local equivalent.

It is available exclusively from the iTunes App Store in the “Utilities” category.

TypeWay 1.5 www.typeway.com

Purchase and Download https://apps.apple.com/us/app/typeway/id485013666?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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