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High growth markets come with the 4th industrial revolution.  AI, artificial intelligence, represents automation of process that brings efficiencies undreamed of historically.  Industrial robots, agricultural robots, software bots, drones, surgical robots, all kinds of automation make our lives better.  We are however borrowing to be able to pay for growing the economy and implement the 4th industrial revolution.


Figure1:   Bureau of Settlements Total Debt Charts

1 45 1024x576 1Source:  BIS

These time-series data show the difference between the credit-to-GDP ratio.  The credit series capture total borrowing, the GDP charts show total GCP.


Figure 2:   Bureau of Settlements Total GDP Charts

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Source:  BIS

As shown below the ratio of borrowing to GDP is growing disproportionately large.  But one needs to think about what the 4th industrial revolution brings to the economy.  For one, it replaces all the gas driven cars.  People want this, they do not want to pollute the air with the cars they drive.  People have voted with their feet to force the car companies to move to an all-electric future, and soon.

There is an energy industry consensus that electric EV Vehicles will replace gas powered EV Vehicles in the very near future.


Figure 3:  World Bank Domestic Credit to Private Sector (% of GDP)

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Source:  World Bank


Market growth can ameliorate the high debt ratio.  If you owe a lot of money, you can eat less or earn more.  The 4th industrial revolution is letting the world economy earn more.  Innovation is key to market growth.  Those companies that know how to innovate are the ones that last.

Robots, 5G, electrical vehicles, renewable energy, EV, Solid State Batteries, Web 3.0, and AI dominate the 4th industrial revolution.

Those who worry about the high debt ratio, forget that the auto industry is the engine of the economy.  WGR expects that the 4th industrial revolution economic growth will be rapid and substantial as EVs are rapidly adopted in response to the Ukraine war and the rapid move away from the fossil fuel burning that has such a deleterious impact on the environment.

The war in Ukraine is sure to stimulate US defense department spending.  This further bodes well for the stability of the dollar, for the US GDP as a whole, and for the central bank CBDC. Technology drives growth in the modern era, the auto industry drives the economy. With every family poised to purchase an electric vehicle in the next three years, it is anticipated that economic growth will be off the charts.  In addition, AI, robots, CBDC cross border settlement automation, and strong healthcare initiatives will make a difference.

CBDC, central bank digital currency is implemented with blockchain.  Blockchain middleware sits between the low-level blockchain protocols (either L1 or L2), and the application interfaces.  GBA and the blockchain vendors will help with automation of the s supply chain and the money supply.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by identifying next generation technology.  It is about analysis of next generation technology that drives market growth.  The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information, Market Research.com, and Research and Markets.  The company has a focus on innovation.

4th-Industrial-Revolution market research study discusses the terrifically high growth in the economy expected as the engine of the economy, the auto industry revs up to replace the internal combustion engine with electric vehicles and ammonia driven vehicles. That use existing cars that are retrofitted to use ammonia for fuel.

This is a 2022 market research study that provides competitive analysis and market forecasts for the WinterGreen Research market innovation studies.





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