Every pet owner has their own training approach. However, most of these approaches involve rewarding the dog – for a job well-done, with kibbles, nibbles, and treats. Did you know that, at your neighborhood wholesale dog toys mart – or online – there are options to train your dog without using food treats as rewards? All it takes is finding the right toy, and you’re all set to give your favorite pet friend a healthier workout. We’ll discuss how to go about doing so with two types of popular training toys.

Fetch or Tug – The choice is your (dogs!)

When exercising or playing, humans have varied preferences. Some like to lift weights; others prefer a treadmill. Still, others love soccer, while some prefer bowling. Like us humans, whether adults or children, dogs have unique preferences when it comes to their training “equipment” (i.e., toys).  Thankfully, wholesale pet supplies distributors in the USA have a variety of toys to whet every pet’s appetite.

– Fetch Toys: These are toys that you throw, and train your dog to run after them to fetch. Popular choices include balls, Frisbees and stuffed animals and toys. Make sure these toys are large enough, so your dog won’t swallow them in the excitement of the fetch

– Tug toys: These are toys that you hold at one end, and offer as a reward to your pet – when they do something you approve – with a friendly tug or pull. Make sure these toys are long enough to avoid getting your fingers bitten!

When shopping at a wholesale dog toys website, or popping-in at a nearby pet toys supplier, make sure you understand your dog’s personality first, before buying the right training toys for them.

Tricks of the Train

Just as edibles-based training only works if your pet enjoys the treat, for toy-training to be effective, your dog must love to tug or fetch the toy. Your training approach must also make sense to the dog, otherwise, they’ll likely not respond to your behavior commands (requests).

– Consistency: Make sure you are always consistent with your “Fetch” or “Drop it” cues. Using multiple cues on each occasion may confuse the pet

– Segregate your toys: Don’t mix training toys with regular play toys. Doing so will invalidate the “treat” effect of the toy. Keep training toys hidden until needed, so your pet will always find them a novelty to look forward to

– Measured rewards: Be “stingy” with your rewards, and dish them out in short bursts. An occasional “fetch” for doing multiple sits or walks, or a three-to-four second tug is all it takes to reinforce good behavior

– Be generous with praise: Even with fetch or tug rewards, it’s always good to reinforce good behavior with a hug, pat, belly or coat rub, or verbal praise – “Good boy/girl”, “Yes!” etc.

When choosing training toys from wholesale pet supplies distributors in the USA, make sure you also consider your individual pets’ personality. For instance, some dogs love toys that jingle loudly or make loud noises, while those characteristics might scare some pets. Others love shiny, glowing objects. Larger, or more excitable dogs may quickly damage frail or flimsy tug toys. Choosing the right toy will give your pet more fun, and will have better training outcomes.

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