Angelica DeRossi is a tenacious entrepreneur who has been exploring alternative income streams to supplement her income. Refusing to let obstacles hold her back, including moving from Arizona to Florida for her health, DeRossi’s determination to build a successful business and increase her supplemental income has only grown stronger. When she discovered Market America’s business model, she was surprised to learn that she would have access to an experienced team of entrepreneurs during every step of building her own business.  This meant the journey to owning her own business would be in a collaborative environment, rather than being placed in a competitive situation.

“Some days are good days and some days are tough for me, but I don’t let that hold me back from chasing my dreams. With Market America’s UnFranchise®Business Model, I’ve found a way to build a successful business. It’s given me the freedom to work on my own terms and still work towards achieving my goals,” said DeRossi.

DeRossi’s story is inspiring to many, as she demonstrates that it’s possible to find the time and energy to work toward owning a business and achieving supplemental income, even when facing significant obstacles. In fact, she uses her own challenges to motivate others who think they can’t find 8 to 15 hours a week to build their own business.

Embracing the UnFranchise Business Model provided by Market America has enabled DeRossi to benefit from a unique opportunity that stands apart from traditional franchise businesses. Instead of dealing with the drawbacks of a conventional franchise, such as substantial upfront investments, ongoing fees, and limited control over the business operations, the UnFranchise model allows entrepreneurs to enter at a low cost,  and with the flexibility to build their businesses at their own pace. Furthermore, the collaborative approach to entrepreneurship ensures that each individual has access to the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Angelica has wholeheartedly embraced various products offered by Market America, including health supplements, makeup and skincare lines. By becoming a ‘product of the product,’ she has been able to share the value these products have added to her life with others. Despite challenges, DeRossi remains diligent and persistent. When she is unable to leave her home or attend a full online meeting, she accesses a library of instructional videos to empower and equip her to build her business with step-by-step guidance.

One of the most rewarding aspects of exploring alternative income streams has been the time freedom it has provided her. She shares, “Before I found Market America, if I wanted time off, I couldn’t just pack up and leave on a whim. I had to request time off and wait for it to be approved, which made it difficult to spend time with my family. Now, I can work my business around my life, which has been especially meaningful since the arrival of my first grandchild. The time freedom that comes with this business means everything to me.”

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