Sometimes, borrowers need money fast. They might have bills coming up and their paycheck hasn’t arrived yet, or they need to make a major purchase soon. Many borrowers will look to personal loans to take advantage of good interest rates. Plus, their simple terms can make these loans fast and easy to get.

That said, there are a few ways to streamline the personal loan application process even more and potentially get a loan within the same day. This article will explain how to get a personal loan as fast as possible so borrowers can get the money they need, when they need it.

1. Gather all necessary documents in advance

Personal loan applications may require proof of several items, such as identity, address, income, and monthly expenses. Gathering the right documents in advance can ensure the borrower doesn’t have to dig things up last minute. Here are some documents and information borrowers may need to provide:

  • Address: Utility bill, voter registration, proof of insurance, lease agreement
  • Identity: Driver’s license, state ID, passport
  • Income: Tax returns, Form W2s, pay stubs, profit & loss (if self-employed)
  • Expenses: Payment documentation for any major expenses

2. Evaluate credit score

Before applying for a personal loan, borrowers should get their annual free credit report from the three major credit bureaus. From there, they should make sure there are no errors, then evaluate their current credit score. Doing this will give them an idea of what loan terms they are most likely to prequalify or qualify for. As a result, they can reduce the time spent shopping around for loans that fit their needs and qualifications.

3. Get prequalified

A borrower can get prequalified when a lender believes they are a good candidate for a personal loan. With prequalification, the borrower provides the lender with some basic personal and income information, and the lender runs a soft credit check (which doesn’t hurt credit) to offer the borrower terms they’re likely to qualify for.

In some cases, lenders send loan prequalification offers through the mail without the borrower requesting it. These contain a code the borrower can use to redeem the offer. Regardless, prequalification can speed up the process by showing the borrower the offers they’re likely to qualify for, guiding their loan shopping.

4. Apply online

Online applications are generally much faster than applying in person. Borrowers can upload all their documentation from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, these online applications use automation to offer instant approvals to borrowers who meet the lending criteria. Thanks to these benefits, getting approved for a loan online can take as little as a few minutes. Plus, the loan can often be funded the same day the borrower applies or within 24 hours.

Get a personal loan fast

To get a personal loan right away, borrowers should evaluate their credit score, gather their documents in advance, and get prequalified. Once it’s time to apply, borrowers should consider filling out an online application. Modern technology allows online lenders to approve and fund loans within one to two days. By following these tips, borrowers can get the money they need in as little time as possible.

Notice: Information provided in this article is for information purposes only. Consult your financial advisor about your financial circumstances.

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