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Singapore, Wednesday, May 4, 2022 – Singapore Expo Hall was the site of the Market Singapore® 2022 Annual Convention (#MASGAC2022) from Friday, April 29, through Sunday, May 1. Following more than two years without a live event, Market Singapore’s distributors, known as UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs), and their guests from around the nation came out in full force, eager and excited to experience how the UnFranchise Business can impact the lives of Singapore entrepreneurs. In addition to the wide array of new products unveiled at #MASGAC2022, most UFOs were sitting on the edge of their seats, ready to jump up as soon as Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Founder, Chairman & CEO JR Ridinger and Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Co-Founder & Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger appeared live onscreen from their home in Greenwich, Connecticut.
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“We have a tendency as humans not to grow because we don’t feed our souls. When it comes to being hungry, we eat. When it comes to feeling loved, we put ourselves in front of people who make us feel loved. When we’re thirsty, we get water or drink. But when it’s time to feed our souls, we forget to feed them. We forget to grow. We forget that our needs will change as we grow. Then, we do nothing about it, so we stop growing. That’s not what life is about. Life is not about just achieving goals but who you become when you achieve these goals,” Loren said. “If you have ever seen a hermit crab, they live in a shell. Occasionally, the hermit crab will stick his claw out, and our grandchildren pick up these hermit crabs quite often. These are interesting little creatures because they find this shell that they will crawl into and when they outgrow this shell, they scurry along the ocean floor until they find the next shell that’s big enough to fit them and to suit their needs. They take possession of this bigger shell, and they scurry on and grow into their new life and their new needs until they’ve outgrown that shell and scurry along the ocean floor again until they find another shell. They continue to do this throughout their lives. We need to take a lesson from the hermit crab and continue to grow and shed our shells and find spaces in our lives for the bigger things.”


JR continued the inspirational event by discussing a topic that is integral to the UnFranchise Business: belief. “I want to congratulate you for making the commitment to be at the Market Singapore 2022 Annual Convention. Belief is a big thing but it’s also a little thing. It takes one billionth of a volt across the cerebral cortex to make up your mind, to become a believer in what you’re doing and to change your direction. From this, everything changes. The future will change. The circumstances will change. You attract the right people. But it has to start with belief, which leads to success. The difference between success and failure is really simple. The person who succeeds simply does what the individual who failed did not do. So, I want to congratulate each of you, because the first thing that people who succeed do is to show up,” said JR.



In addition, an impressive number of top leaders took the stage over the course of the three-day event — including Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific Kevin Buckman; Market Singapore General Manager Jojo Soh; Director, Field Development, Canada Andrew Chee; Director of Training, TLS®Sosan Hua; Product & Affiliate Program Manager Jane Li; and numerous other outstanding leaders who helped to empower and equip attendees with a variety of methods to help grow their UnFranchise Businesses.


Many UFOs shared their thanks and appreciation for all they were able to learn throughout the event, including Hannah Chua and Andrew Lee, a married couple from Singapore who have also been spending time to educate their four children about the UnFranchise Business.

“It’s been an amazing journey, listening to all the speakers share their experiences and tips in building the UnFranchise Business. All that we have heard from this convention has just cemented in us the lessons that we have learned over the past 18 months since we started the UnFranchise Business ourselves — and we are very sure that we don’t want to miss another annual convention,” Chua said.

“The UnFranchise Business is the ideal family business for us because we are able to encourage and help motivate each other daily to double our efforts in retailing products and introducing this great business to our families and friends. We have also started including our children in the business by sharing with them the challenges we face and the successes we have achieved in building a brighter future for ourselves. This is why the UnFranchise Business is the ideal family business for us,” Lee said.g8

At #MASGAC2022, a multitude of new products were introduced, including Heart Health Blood Pressure & Vascular Support, which helps support healthy arterial function, provides antioxidant protection and supports normal blood flow; Neuro Focus, which supports mental clarity and helps to support concentration and alertness; TLS Nutrition Shake – Cookies & Cream, which provides 18 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber per serving while providing more than one-third the recommended daily allowance of 18 vitamins and minerals per serving with no added sugar; and Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Wellbeing Tea, which contains natural antioxidants, high-quality organic herbs and no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, while also boasting a subtle, soothing spice flavor.*


With so many beauty-lovers in attendance, the crowd cheered when a variety of new beauty and skincare products were introduced, including the Motives® Moments Pressed Pigment Palette, a compact palette featuring four super-luxe pigments that offer high color payoff and a silky texture that applies smoothly and blends effortlessly; Motives 3-in-1 Cream Tints, four shades that provide a gorgeous hint of tint to eyes, lips and cheeks, with a creamy formula that moisturizes the skin, leaving it looking healthy and dewy; Motives Sculpting Concealer, available in eight buildable, full-coverage shades that are creamy and light as air, and which blend so well you can wear them by themselves (this product is vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free); Lumière de Vie® Soothe & Renew Hydrogel Masque cools, refreshes and pampers the skin for ultimate relaxation and provides an instant surge of hydration for moisturized skin, while also helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and Lumière de Vie Refine & Moisturize Lip Duo is formulated with luxurious sugar crystals to help buff away dead skin cells while helping to replenish moisture in the lips and exfoliate them, too.g10

With Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin’s Layered jewelry line being showcased, attendees were thrilled to see a number of new pieces introduced at #MASGAC2022, including the ZANE Cuban link chain, EVIE curb chain necklaces and bracelets, BOWIE Cuban link bracelets, AVERY baguette ear crawlers. EMMA faceted hoop earrings, STELLA pave band rings, GAIA V-shaped baguette rings and many more new luxury Layered items.

“So what are we really? What is this business? It’s important that you know what we are so that you can speak about it fluently and with pride and comfort. We’re the most powerful home-based internet, digital marketing business in the world. We’re all about internet marketing, e-commerce and online shopping, exclusive Market America brands that are market driven, priced competitively and highly profitable. We also have thousands of other well-known brands and partner stores and we can add what you want. We have a mall without walls and the Shopping Annuity® that are living organisms, constantly expanding, growing and changing. Other companies come and go but we thrive. Why? Because we are adaptive and change with the times. We combine one-to-one marketing with relationships. One-to-one marketing simply means people hate to be sold, but they love to buy. So we find out what people want to buy and get it for them. Other e-commerce sites don’t have personal relationships with their customers. They don’t have people power, the greatest power in the world,” said JR.

“When it comes down to it, it’s still about belief. All this talk is worthless. All of our technology, our training our marketing our products – all of the things that I talked about don’t amount to anything if it doesn’t resonate with you. It’s really all about your life and determining the future – your future. It’s later than you think.”

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