The war in Ukraine has brought widespread destruction and suffering. Russia invaded the country on 24 February 2022, triggering global leaders and ordinary citizens’ condemnation. This date now plays an important role in the anti-war solidarity campaigns. Alexander Rekeda, the co-founder of Unity for Freedom, a non-profit, noted with a heavy heart that the date marks the first anniversary of Russia’s aggression against its neighbor.

These commemorations provide a platform to celebrate Ukrainians’ bravery and resilience. People worldwide, including Rekeda, provide much-needed moral and material support to affected communities. The unfolding humanitarian crisis indicates that Vladimir Putin’s regime doesn’t respect international laws on human rights. Mainstream and social media platforms are awash with stories of suffering and destruction.



On 24 February 2023, many people joined anti-war and Ukraine solidarity events to commemorate the war’s first anniversary. In Berlin, crowds gathered at Tallinn’s Square, where they observed a minute of silence. The highest-ranking European Commission and NATO leaders attended the event.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak paid respects to the fallen Ukrainian people at Downing Street. The Ukrainian anthem was played in honor of the gallant defenders. In other European countries, locals and other nationalities, including Armenians, Ukrainians, and Russians, attended several anti-war protests. Some protesters approached Russian embassies to vent their anger.

In Belgrade, people attempted to deliver a skull-shaped cake to the Russian Embassy. This gesture demonstrated the death and destruction triggered by the invasion. Also, the crowd wrote a protest letter addressed to Putin, urging him to hand himself over to the International Criminal Court (ICC). At the same time, the Ukrainian Embassy organized separate events in central Belgrade.

United for Freedom

Alexander Rekeda co-founded United for Freedom to provide support to distressed Ukrainian communities. The non-profit entity works tirelessly to source and channel critical supplies like medications, building tools, and food. These efforts complement the aid provided by other supporters globally. By delivering aid, people from different parts of the world relieve the pain and suffering experienced in the war-torn country.

The major objective is to help the people of Ukraine survive and emerge from the crisis with critical supplies to rebuild their lives. Rekeda joined hands with friends to ensure that aid reaches people faster and cost-effectively. So, Unity for Freedom employs a streamlined aid management approach.

The organization has connections in different parts of Ukraine to help reach specific hotspots. It provides support using pooled resources from well-wishers. Best of all, the non-profit provides emergency and long-term support to affected communities. Streamlined management allows organizers to respond adequately to the changing needs based on events on the ground.

Communities closer to the front lines typically require urgent support. Because of this, organizers quickly mobilize resources to reach those areas, enabling distressed people to survive disruptions in food, shelter, and water supply.