The healthcare and finance industry continues to be a very complex one. Long-term care, which ends up being a significant expense that many people and their families need to manage, is subject to these complexities. One individual that has continued to focus on helping people manage their long-term care and other healthcare costs throughout his career is Antony Turbeville.  Mr. Turbeville has had a long and successful career in the healthcare and financial industries, including starting and running various banking and financial services companies.

Antony Lee Turbeville Starts Career with Solid Education

Similar to many other people in the financial world, Antony Turbeville started his career by getting a sound education. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Troy State University in Troy, Alabama, which he graduated from in 1986. While in school, he started to learn more about the business world and gained skills that would continue to help him throughout his career.

Beginning Career as Financial Planner

Towards the beginning of his career, Antony Lee Turbeville was a certified financial planner focused on helping others achieve their financial goals. During this time, he noticed the high costs that seniors incurred when they needed additional forms of care and housing due to age-related issues. This created a personal interest that eventually led him to start Platinum Benefit Services.

Career in Banking

His role in financial planning eventually led him to start a local bank called Community Southern Bank of Lakeland. While running this bank, he was heavily involved in ensuring that small businesses in this area of Florida could get access to business loans, which significantly contributed to the growth of the local economy. Antony Lee Turbeville continued to serve on the board of the bank until 2011 and eventually helped to lead the sale to Sunshine Bank in 2015.

Founding of Platinum Benefit Services

Another company that Antony Turbeville founded was Platinum Benefit Services, which he continues to lead today. Throughout the early part of his career, Tubeville identified a need for people to be made aware of the benefits that they had access to. Through this company, he and his team are dedicated to ensuring that seniors seeking assistance receive the service they need to obtain state Medicaid Benefits successfully.