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Angora, Minn — Marketing and web development company Art Unlimited is celebrating 40 years of business. The company has grown from humble origins in 1982 to become a creative powerhouse in an ever-changing industry. Current owners Anna Anderson and Elizabeth Chapman, daughters of the company’s founders, plan a celebration week in May for company staff members and Art Unlimited’s many clients in roofing, home services, healthcare and non-profits.

Said CEO Anderson, “God’s blessing has enabled a small rural company to exceed natural boundaries. This one element has propelled me to continue to press forward, as God has never disappointed us. We look forward to the future with excitement!” Anderson said her parents, Tom and Pat Chapman, began Art Unlimited with a vision of a dynamic company in a rural setting. Her parents wanted to provide world-class customer service while also raising a family.

To celebrate Art Unlimited’s 40 years of creativity, the company plans in-person and virtual events. Chapman, Art Unlimited’s CFO, says many of the plans for staff members and clients are a surprise, but a highlight will be launching the Live to Give Foundation. This charitable non-profit foundation advances their desire to support doing good in local and national areas.

Art Unlimited collectively works hard to provide quality jobs in a safe, nurturing work environment for the 80+ person team. Growing from a solo-entrepreneur business to a national level takes an entire team’s dedication to excellence. “We are proud of our amazing team, who are located in the Northwoods and across the country,” says Chapman.

Pausing to celebrate Art Unlimited’s 40-year anniversary, Anderson and Chapman look to a bright future for the rural agency with a big-city vibe. That future, said Chapman, will advance the company’s tagline. “Art Unlimited brings Life to marketing,” explained Chapman, “We truly believe that the life source of all things comes from our faith in Jesus. As owners, we want to bring that life to marketing, to our team and clients.”

Looking back on the second-generation company, Anderson said, “We’ll continue to hold fast to the core values that brought us through 40 years. We look forward to the future and using those values to expand, innovate and continue to create lasting relationships.”


Founded in 1982, Art Unlimited is a second-generation owned and operated marketing and web development company. Nestled in Minnesota’s exquisite Northwoods, Art Unlimited helps growing businesses find innovative solutions to bring their marketing to Life. Through the many technology advancements, we continue to empower clients and employees to reach their goals. Each client has different needs to gain the leads and brand awareness they need. Our 40 years of expertise in the advertising industry gives us a firm grasp of the past as we look at the future. To learn more about Art Unlimited, please visit https://www.artunlimitedusa.com/.

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