BearCat.Studio a NFT art design house has dropped their first collection exclusively on Opensea. Named ‘BearCat.Studio – Bunny Club’, the collection consists of 10k unique bunny rabbits each with their own emotion and personality. Each bunny rabbit is conceived from a base drawing, over two hundred hand drawn traits covering nine categories are also created to add character, personality and emotion. A bespoke computer program takes selections of the two hundred traits and compiles the DNA for each bunny. After ensuring that each bunny is unique, the DNA is printed forming a completely unique bunny rabbit. BearCat.Studio created Bunny Club as an ongoing effort to boost the awareness of Non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. “NFT smart contract technology has seen a lot of positive movement this year, our aim is to keep growing the awareness of NFT’s, bringing new people to the technology” says Zuber Mohsan from BearCat.Studio. The Bunny Club is the first of many collections to be launched by BearCat.Studio and is available now, in the ‘BearCat.Studio – Bunny Club’ collection available exclusively on at the price of 0.0888 ETH.