• Inflation system allows enthusiasts to air up and down while driving on rugged terrain
  • Technology enables drivers to conquer road, rock, sand and mud
  • Innovation tested in extreme environments, like Dakar Rally and Ultra4 Racing 


GREENVILLE, S.C. April 26, 2023 — BFGoodrich Tires already makes tires with the toughest terrain in mind — from desert racing to rock crawling. Now, drivers can tackle any terrain with BFGoodrich® ActivAir, is a brand-new, fully integrated tire-inflation system that allows off-roaders to air up and air down their tires without ever leaving their seat.

With ActivAir, drivers can adjust tire pressures to exact specifications, allowing them to conquer road, rock, sand, mud and more – without slowing their momentum.

“Our goal at BFGoodrich is to fuel adventure,” said Harold Phillips, global general manager for BFGoodrich Tires. “ActivAir is exciting new technology that helps our off-road community optimize their vehicle performance. This latest innovation reinforces our focus on safe off-roading.”

ActivAir is patented premium technology developed and pressure-tested by top builders in some of the most extreme environments, such as Dakar Rally and the Ultra4 Racing circuit. The driver chooses one of four operating terrains, and the system inflates or deflates the tires. More experienced drivers have the option to manually select their desired pressures. ActivAir allows a transfer of all available power to the ground and maximizes traction.

BFGoodrich ActivAir is a Central Tire Inflation System – designed by TELEFLOW. It includes patented technology with the latest generation of pneumatic valves, and a display and control unit. TELEFLOW is the intelligence center of the ActivAir solution.

Dynatrac is a key partner and has integrated an air passage in their axle assemblies. Specific wheels integrate an air passage, as well. The wheels currently available for the ActivAir system are RFI wheels. All of these components come together to create ActivAir, a fully integrated and innovative solution. Learn more about BFGoodrich ActivAir, the brand-new, fully integrated tire inflation system, at: https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/auto/activair.

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BFGoodrich Tires is dedicated to providing high-performance tires for those who have a passion for driving in virtually any environment. Combining technical expertise with 50 years of motorsports experience, BFGoodrich delivers tires for a full range of driving experiences from ultra-high-performance street to off-road terrain with one common theme – extreme performance. Come upgrade your performance with BFGoodrich and see where our tires can take you at www.BFGoodrichTires.com, www.BFGoodrichRacing.com, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @BFGoodrichTires.

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