Spotify has emerged to become one of the biggest music streaming websites and platforms in recent times. With streaming itself becoming a big industry, with options like movie streaming and TV series streaming (thanks to Netflix) and game streaming (Twitch, Discord), music streaming was something that had been around since the heyday of SoundCloud, but never really in an official manner, where big artists would routinely drop new stuff. Now, we finally have a music streaming service, and as Spotify goes, it’s captured over 500 million subscribers, which is an insane number in itself.

So, with all that music available in the palm of your hand, it sometimes becomes vexing when you log on to Spotify, only to discover that someone else is already using your account. So, can two people use the same Spotify account?

When you’re in the initial stages of making a Spotify account, and once you pay that subscription fee, there’s one question that’s running in every person’s mind: can someone else use my Spotify account? Well, yes, if someone else uses your device, but that isn’t the real question now, is it? The real question would be something along the lines of can two people listen to Spotify at once?

And that is where we get into the fact that Spotify is an incredibly efficient music streaming site, considering the Premium subscription costs only $9.99 a month, for which you basically get nearly every music catalogue available on the face of the earth. What’s more with the student package, five bucks are knocked off, and you can get the premium Spotify experience for just $4.99. 

The great thing about Spotify’s premium service is its inclusion of multiple users on one account, which is where we can answer this question: can two people use the same Spotify account. And the answer is yes, the premium service allows for up to three devices to be connected with the same account, and over 3000 songs can be downloaded for offline streaming, which is way too more than anyone could ever need. You would have to be a genuine audiophile to store and listen to nearly 4000 songs on your device.

But there is an issue with the premium and the student package: the songs can be taken offline on all three devices, but online streaming can only be done on a single device, which means, that while you will be able to use the same account on multiple devices, online streaming, which is 90 percent of the whole Spotify experience, will only be available on one device at a time, so, while technically two people could use the same Spotify account, they won’t be able to stream simultaneously, which kind of beats the whole purpose of getting Spotify in the first place.

Here are a few ways you can use a Spotify account on multiple devices,

Can Two People Use the Same Spotify Account?

Yes, Spotify has thought of it and has provided for different ways to get people to join the bandwagon. One of the ways is by allowing multiple people to connect to a single account and stream all music off of it, which is really not all that of a burden on your wallet. So, here are two ways you can use a single Spotify account to connect multiple devices and stream music on all of them.

  • Spotify Premium Family plan

This is one of the best ways to actually have a single Spotify account to be used on multiple devices. And the best part? You can stream music online on all the devices that are included in the Premium Family plan. Admittedly, it is a little more expensive than the single Premium plan, but the extra moolah is absolutely worth it. For just $14.99 a month, you can connect a total of six accounts (including yours) into a cumulative Family account, wherein all six can be used simultaneously to stream songs online, and download them for offline usage.

This gives you the best value for your money, considering that a single Premium account costs $9.99 and while you could connect three devices to it, online streaming is only allowed on one device at a time. This family account, however, means that all six devices can stream simultaneously and no one will be any wiser.

However, the Family account does come with a few restrictions, mainly physical restrictions. For one, all six accounts will be required to put in a physical address, that will be confirmed by turning on Location on your device. As such, all of the six accounts need to be in the same place while registration, but that means that they can be used to stream music elsewhere.

For instance, upon registration, the address will be the same for all six accounts and every user must be within that location. Once that has been done, you can continue to stream music anywhere you want. Oh, and the app will periodically ask you to confirm your address, so be sure to look out for that.

  • By Using Offline Mode

We explained earlier that even by buying a simple Premium Spotify membership, you are allowed to use the application on three devices (including yours). So, while you cannot actively stream music online, you can use the account to store music offline, since it allows you to do so for a wide variety of music (nearly 4,000 songs are available to be taken offline). This way, while only one of you will be able to stream music online, the rest can simply use their offline library to enjoy the songs stored on any device, be it a laptop, tablet or phone.

Plus, unlike Family subscription, you don’t need to confirm your address every now and then, and Spotify basically has no restriction on where and how music is streamed, except for online streaming, which is only limited to a single device at a time. So, get to downloading your favorite songs now.