How To Track Changes In Google Docs

We’re all very familiar with Microsoft Word, one of the best and the longest-running word processing software given to us courtesy of Microsoft Office. However, when it comes to cloud-computing, Google has all the boxes checked and with their iterations.

How To Clip On Twitch?

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms, meant for content creators and gaming streamers to show their gaming skills and build an audience around their content. Like YouTube, Twitch accounts can be monetized as well, which gives rise.

How To Turn Off Samsung S20?

The Samsung S20 is an incredible device. With 8 gigs of RAM and 128GB of inexhaustible storage, Samsung has really outdone itself with its flagship for 2020; if phones had power levels, the S20 would definitely be over 9000! Loaded.

How To Block Text Messages On A Samsung Phone?

Samsung phones are some of the best mobile gadgets in the market. They have many distinguishing features. Amongst many other features, one of the best is the text message feature. With the advancement in technology, the Messages app on the.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung S9

If you are using Samsung’s flagship from 2 years before, the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, congratulations. It’s a really good phone and builds on the already great platform that was the S8/ Note 8 series. But, as you might’ve.

Top rated slots to play online

When you’re playing online slots, you always want to be playing something that entertains, is good to look at, and offers you a fair chance of winning at least your money back, if not a nice bonus on top. What.

How To Unlock Bootloader Samsung?

While Android runs just fine on Samsung (even better than the others, some might claim), gadget nerds and Android bootleggers will certainly appreciate the bootloader to be unlocked on their Android phones, which owing to its very open architecture and.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Tablet

Taking a screenshot to save whatever is on the screen, whether it’s a funny meme that can’t be downloaded to the device or an announcement from your favorite restaurant that you want to share with your friend, is pretty damn.

How to Factory Reset a Samsung Tablet?

Tablets are the perfect devices to use when it comes to a person who loves using laptops but wants a smaller gadget in their hands. Tablets have all the features of a smartphone as well as laptops which makes them.

How To Update Samsung Smart TV?

If you have a Samsung Smart TV at your home and use it frequently, cycling it between your game console and your regular cable networks, you might not appreciate a software or firmware update shoved at your face when you.

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Devices

Hiding applications on your phone need not be difficult nor should it raise eyebrows. After all, there might be applications with sensitive data that might strictly be official, or it could be an application that your child or nephew isn’t.

How to Reset a Samsung Tablet: Troubleshooting 101

Resetting a device is always a tall order for non-tech people. Several mistake it for a hard reset, which deletes all the data and brings it back to the factory settings, which is why many devices (including Samsung phones and.