If you or your spouse receive a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) notification to move to Ft. Meade, or it’s just a temporary reassignment, a long or short-term relocation, you both immediately start wondering about your living arrangements. While the military does have some excellent on-base living facilities, not everyone may feel comfortable there.  And if you and your family have a particularly active and outdoors lifestyle, military recreation rentals near Ft Meade might be an alternative worth considering.


An Array of Choices

The choices you face run the gamut, from buying your own home nearby, to renting a place close to Ft. Meade, to opting for military housing on-base.  If your family prefers the discipline and regimented lifestyle that on-base living entails, they you (collectively) may prefer military housing. However, if most of your family are less inclined to gated community life, then living off base might be the right solution.

Luckily for you, we – here at MyTreu – specialize in supporting military families who are at that crossroads, where deciding between an on or off-base lifestyle becomes an imperative. And one way we do so is through our military rentals by owner at Ft Meade service. This service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that, when you relocate to the Ft. Meade area, you could opt for off-base accommodations owned by fellow servicemembers in Ft. Meade.


Living Your Preferred Life

Active-duty service men and women across the U.S. receive PCS or transfer notifications. And while yours may bring you into Ft. Meade, there are other serving members who must relocate from Ft. Meade to elsewhere. While not all of them own their homes off-base, many do, and as they prepare to make their journey away from Ft. Meade, they too face a similar situation as you.

And there lies the opportunity!  

Many homeowners, transferring out of Ft. Meade, offer their homes for rental through our military rentals by owner at Ft Meade program. This means that you, as a family moving into Ft. Meade, can live your preferred off-base lifestyle by renting from a fellow service member. Given that you share the same values and professional and patriotic bonds, why would you rent from someone else? Why risk establishing a relationship with a landlord who does not share your values?


Buy or Just Rent on Wheels

For service members with fewer family ties, and who wish to live off-base – at least for most of the time –  military recreation rentals near Ft Meade might be the way to go. Though some Ft. Meade service members, who own their off-base homes, might wish to sell, you may not be ready for homeownership – just yet. Renting an RV might be the perfect solution. 

And, if you’re in Ft. Meade on a short-term relocation, or a temporary assignment to the base, then the RV lifestyle might be more appealing to renting off-base, owning a home or military housing. It gives you the opportunity to explore Ft. Meade and its surroundings, while also leaving you relatively “unattached” from the responsibility that homeownership or home rentals bring.