Insurance Specialist Christopher Robert Zeller says the wrong commercial insurance product can be worse than having no insurance at all.

There is nothing more rewarding than owning your own business. There are a number of things that can be overwhelming for both new and established business owners. Insurance specialist Christopher Zeller says that selecting the right commercial product can be a daunting task for the average business owner. “Most business owners basically want to make sure they have enough insurance to cover their personal assets, as well as their business assets, should something happen to or on the premises of their establishment. The thing is, commercial insurance is not often as straightforward as that.”, Christopher Zeller said.


According to Mr. Zeller, Commercial insurance is a must-have for any size business. “There are a lot of small business owners who make the assumption that because their business is small, they don’t really need a commercial insurance policy. Nothing can be further from the truth. Businesses no matter the size can benefit from commercial insurance. When the proper commercial insurance product is selected, it can help businesses rapidly recover from covered incidents, because commercial insurance products are designed especially for businesses.”, Christopher Robert Zeller said.


Mr. Zeller says that although it is good for businesses to be covered by liability insurance, more often than not, it simply isn’t enough, especially for business owners who have employees. “It is important for people to remember that insurance is there to protect them and their businesses, however insurance can also serve as a sign of good faith between the business owner and their employees. No business that has employees should forgo getting worker’s compensation insurance.” Christopher Robert Zeller said.


Mr. Zeller also says that it is important for people to make sure they understand the different types of commercial insurance products that are available, and how their business would benefit from them. For example, Mr. Zeller stated that a BOP policy can protect small businesses with less than 100 people. “I believe that responsible insurance specialists should steer their clients to choose the best coverage they can get for their money. BOP insurance coverage is really beneficial for small businesses, and it prevents small businesses from spending unnecessary money on insurance products they don’t need.”, Christopher Robert Zeller said.