If you live in and around Savannah, GA, or even if you are visiting there from out of town, from another state or overseas, the city market in Savannah GA is one place you never want to miss. Residents of the neighborhood discover new experiences every time they make a trip to this historical haven in their city. Located between Ellis and Franklin Squares, the market is a cave of courtyards packed with neighborhood restaurants, shops, diners, and stores. Best of all, when you support the hundreds of small businesses out there, you’ll be supporting a tradition that’s been ongoing since the 1700’s!

Bringing History Back to Life

Back in the 1700’s, the Savannah city market was the place to be for everyone in the neighborhood. If you wanted to trade, go shopping for groceries and essentials or luxury items – the Market was the place to go to. Or, they’d visit there to just mingle with friends and neighbors and enjoy a festive evening or dining and sightseeing.  Two devastating fires, a civil war, and several hurricanes later, things haven’t changed much.

Neighbors, nearby communities, travelers, vacationers, and visitors, all stop by the historic market to do exactly the same things that people did in the 1700s. It is their support that keeps the hundreds of businesses surviving and thriving – and for good reason. If you live in the neighborhood, you’ll understand why the Market is such a life-blood for nearby communities, neighborhoods, and the entire city.

Everyday, visitors – locals as well as from outside – revive old traditions and make this historic place alive again!

Everything You Need – In Your Neighborhood

When you shop, dine, or patronize one of the establishments or outdoor stalls at the city market in Savannah GA, you’re supporting a friend, neighbor, or community member. These shops bring hustle, bustle, and life to your neighborhood – and they offer you everything you need – right around the corner from where you live:

– Groceries

– Pizzas and Pies

– Handcrafted jewelry

– Local arts and crafts

– Gifts, accessories 

– Art galleries

– Museums

– Restaurants

– Hotels

– Trolley Tours

– …and much more!

You’ll never need to go anywhere else, once you’ve taken a trip to this historic marketplace. And if you’re in the area during special occasions – it’s a treat to behold. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, or Christmastime.  And the nightlife is one of the best there is anywhere in the State. The fun, music, dancing…it all happens right there in the local Savannah community!

Keeping the Tradition Alive

The Savannah city market is a one-stop shopping, dining, entertainment, and relaxation destination for anyone. If you live in the neighborhood, and you shop, dine, or entertain there, then you can take comfort knowing that it’s your support that keeps this grand tradition alive.  

You may not see fishmongers bargaining their wares; or dockworkers unloading grains of stock from and onto ships and schooners. But you’ll certainly see your friends and neighbors having a great time and socializing. And many of them live and work right in your neighborhoods – right around the corner from where you live and work.