Nearly one-third of the earth’s land surface is covered by forests, which are beneficial to the environment in several ways, such as conserving soil, preventing climate change, and preserving biodiversity. In this article, we will discuss common trees found in Texas and why you might need to remove or move a tree or two. In Houston, tree removal is done by experts, and you should not try to do it yourself.

Common Trees found in Houston Texas 

Live Oak 

One of the most prevalent tree species in Texas is the live oak. They are indigenous to the Gulf Coast’s northern region and can reach heights of 40 feet and widths of more than 75 feet. Survive oaks can live for more than 100 years given the right conditions, and some can reach 500 years. 

Cedar Elm

Cedar elm trees are distinguished by their thinner leaves and thicker cuticles, which enable them to thrive in arid, hot regions. Like oak trees, cedar elm trees can live for 100 years or longer in the ideal environment.

Southern Red Oak 

The southern red oak tree frequently grows on rocky hills and slopes, especially in places with shaded root zones. These trees, categorized as medium to huge, are typically planted where few other trees or plants will thrive since they cannot store a lot of water.

Texas Ash 

Texas has various additional tree species. The Texas ash tree has the lowest lifespan, typically living 15 to 20 years. It is regarded as a little tree because it typically only reaches a height of 40 feet or less.

Black Cherry

East and west Texas are the natural home of the black cherry. The tree favors limestone that has been well-drained and is located in damp places with moderately alkaline soil. It is a tree that grows very quickly and is renowned for producing high-quality wood used to build furniture, toys, and wall paneling.

Why You Might Need To Remove That Tree

The struggle to preserve the world’s Trees are ongoing, and there is rising concern about the problem on a global scale. Several reasons cause tree removal: to preserve the environment and others for industrial and domestic usage, which also adversely affect the environment. These reasons include:

– property Damage

– fires 

– end of life expectancy

– decay and/or disease

– overcrowding

– poor location

– new construction

It is advisable not to try to remove trees yourself as you might not have the required expertise, which can turn dangerous. If you are in the Houston area and need tree removal in Houston TX, for any of the above-stated reasons, contact us today.