SandNET™ Reusable Technology Is a Game-Changer for Professional Users

ATLANTA (June 2, 2020) – Diablo, the industry leader in solution-oriented choices for professionals, introduces an extensive new line of sanding products, offering the Ultimate Sanding Solution, that will enhance productivity, reduce time, and save money: Diablo’s SandNET™ sanding discs and sheets, and Reusable Hand Sanding Blocks. Diablo reinvents sanding with the most superior solution that outperforms paper.  The enhanced line of SandNET™ reusable sanding discs and sheets, delivers up to 10 times longer sanding life span compared to standard coated sandpaper, leading to less product waste and money spent on more materials – that is better for the wallet and the planet.

Industry professionals dread sanding for many reasons including the amount of time it takes, materials ripping, clogging and constant replacement of discs, sheets, and blocks. Clogging and pitch-build up are the main issues faced by industry professionals. When paper sanding products are loaded with build-up, the grit no longer makes contact and the grains no longer “cut” into the material. The lack of life span and low-quality costs professionals time and money.

The SandNET™ clog reducing net design dramatically outperforms and extends sanding life up to 10x longer than paper products. A lattice like design allows sanding fibers to effortlessly pass through the net, and if it begins to load or clog one can simply clean the grit by shaking, vacuuming, or rinsing for continued use. The ability to clean the sanding grit and reuse multiple times proves SandNET™ is the most technologically advanced, superior solution that offers the longest life, highest quality and most cost-effective range of sanding products on the market.

Also launching, is Diablo’s new Reusable Hand Sanding Blocks that address market issues such as inferior abrasive grain and inferior foam that causes product failure or premature structure breakdown. The Hand Sanding Blocks last even longer with the ability to be fitted with SandNET™ sheets, the most advanced reusable sanding technology. Traditional foam sanding blocks clog/tear and must be thrown away once unusable. The Reusable Hand Sanding Blocks combined with SandNET™ sheets completely invigorate the industry by maximizing performance, reducing time and most importantly, saving money.

“Diablo does it again by disrupting the industry with the reinvention of sanding. SandNET™ takes the most dreaded task of any project, for woodworkers, carpenters, drywallers, painters and other industry workers alike and developed multiple innovative sanding solutions that meaningfully improve and enhance production for all sanding jobs,” said Russell Kohl, President and CEO of Diablo/Freud Tools. “These superior reusable products increase productivity through fewer labor hours and dollars spent completing the job, and fewer discs/sheets/sponges changes results in increased dollar savings. SandNET™ creates less product waste, which in turn is better for the environment.”

Diablo’s SandNET™ Sanding Discs and Sheets:

  • Reusable design extends sanding life up to 10 times longer versus standard sandpaper, making SandNET™ products the most advanced sanding products on the market today.
  • A lattice-like design keeps the grit clean of sanding fiber build up and the ability to clean and reuse SandNET™ allows users to experience up to 10 times the performance of paper products.
  • Each SandNET product features a clog-reducing nylon net design coated in a premium ceramic blend grit for fast material removal while reducing material build-up.
  • The innovative SandNET™ design is easy to clean and reuse multiple times by simply shaking, vacuuming, or rinsing the sheet to remove any pitch build-up.
  • SandNET™ sanding discs and sheets offer a wide variety of grits and sizes for multiple applications, including: coarse grit, for removal and stripping of material, such as paint, without damaging the underlying surface; medium grit, for moderate stock removal and sanding preparation; fine grit, focused for light stock removal or final sanding preparation; ultra-fine grit, for inter-coat sanding of stain or varnish; and micro fine grit for final surface finish and inter-coat final sanding.

Diablo’s Reusable Hand Sanding Blocks:

  • A premium dual-sided foam tool: cushioned for controlled material removal in contour sanding, and dense for aggressive material removal on flat surfaces, offering consistent results and maximum performance.
  • The block’s Hook Lock™ backing allows repeated attachment and removal of Diablo SandNET™ sheets for a consistent and secure connection.
  • This technology rich reusable tool enables users to sand flat and contour surfaces with one tool, maximizing sanding performance and saving time.
  • Featuring a firm grip sanding design that enables smooth, consistent sanding.
  • Included with the Reusable Hand Sanding Block are five SandNET™ sheets, ranging from coarse – removal to ultra-fine finish.

Diablo’s Ultimate Sanding Solutions are available now, wherever Diablo products are sold. For more information, visit

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Diablo manufactures premium circular saw blades, reciprocating blades, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max hammer bits, hole saws, self-feed bits, impact step bits, sandpaper, bonded abrasives, router bits and Forstner bits that are specifically designed to provide superior performance all while withstanding the most extreme conditions. Diablo is the only manufacturer of construction tools that produces its own MicroGrain Carbide with Titanium, called TiCo™, a high-density combination of Titanium and Cobalt, and a specialized ceramic metallic tooth blend, called Cermet II for stainless and mild steels. By producing their own carbide and Cermet II, Diablo has the unique ability to formulate each tool for each specific application, thereby maximizing cutting life and performance. Diablo has a specialized solution for every application and guarantees to provide unrivalled performance.

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