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Solution areas evaluated include surveillance and monitoring, surveying and mapping, maintenance and inspection, filming and photography, package delivery, and scientific research. Cloud computing is based on the notion that computing does not need to be located at the customer premise, nor does it have to be in any particular location. In fact, the entire analog of computing in the cloud is that computational capabilities may reside in the ether so-to-speak, accessed when needed.

This has led to much greater computing asset utilization and therefore optimization of capital expenditures for those investing in computing assets and scalable operational expenses for computing customers. Cloud computing business models have led to the “as a service” delivery model, which has proven to be a highly flexible and scalable method for introducing and growing computational needs for enterprises.

This “as a service” paradigm is transforming robotics, allowing automation as a service to become a widely available service option as opposed to purchasing a robot as a product. In particular, Mind Commerce sees the combination of robotics, teleoperation, and cloud technologies transforming enterprise operations in a manner in which robotics on demand is a viable business model.

This model is spreading to virtually every use case, application, and solution in nearly every industry. Drones are no exception as Mind Commerce sees Drones-as-a-Service picking up substantial momentum as an outsourced option for improving the operational efficiency of many industries. For example, package delivery is anticipated to be a key market, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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