Entrepreneur offers wealth-building real estate strategies formerly only available to Fortune 500 companies

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – MARCH 29, 2022 – Julio Gonzalez, CEO and founder of Engineered Tax Services (ETS), America’s leading tax specialty practice, has published a book, The Property Owner’s Guide to Cost Segregation: Learn How Accelerated Depreciation Can Lead To Significant Tax Savings, published by Best Seller Publishing, now available as an Amazon Kindle e-book for only $.99.

“My new book is a direct extension of my life’s passion—fighting for America’s small businesses,” he said. “In my book, I take a sophisticated accounting technique like cost segregation, formerly only used by Fortune 500 firms and their major accounting firm partners, and I make it available to ‘the little guy’—the small businesses that are the economic backbone of this country. Most people—and certainly most property owners—don’t know what a financial game-changer a cost segregation study can be. It can deliver a windfall of tax savings that can uplift your financial standing. My book tells you exactly how you can use this financial strategy to have the maximum impact on your bottom line.”

Julio’s status as a national tax reform expert was confirmed in 2017 when he was appointed by Vice President Mike Pence to the U.S. Tax Roundtable to work with Congress to facilitate tax changes with the goal of passing tax reform (which he did). In 2001, he founded Engineered Tax Services, the largest licensed tax credits and incentives advisory firm in the United States, devoted to helping small businesses. In 2020, he acquired The Growth Partnership, The Rosenberg Survey, and ABLE CRM to establish the largest specialty tax and consultative firm to the CPA community nationwide. In 2021, he added INSIDE Public Accounting to his Engineered Advisory family of companies.

The Property Owner’s Guide to Cost Segregation features an introduction by family office executive, industry expert, and author DJ Van Keuren. It then addresses the following pertinent topics:

  • Understanding the Law & Cost Segregation
  • The Cost Segregation Procedure
  • Property Classifications
  • The Right and Wrong Property for Cost Segregation
  • The Cost Segregation Worksheet and Online Calculator
  • The Most Costly Mistakes in Cost Segregation
  • Cost Segregation Case Studies
  • The Next Generation of Cost Segregation
  • Being Tax Efficient as a Real Estate Investor
  • How Cost Segregation Impacts the Federal Energy Tax Benefits
  • Home Office Deductions
  • The Section 721 Real Estate Exchange
  • Cost Segregation: Frequently Asked Questions

At 170 pages, the book is written from the viewpoint of a seasoned real estate professional who is explaining this very profitable tax mitigation strategy to the average reader in clear, simple, easy-to-understand language.

Accounting Today recently cited Julio as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, and he is one of the very few Hispanics so honored. In April 2021, his company ETS received an award from the National Minority Business Council that cited its role as a prominent minority-owned business in the United States. In March 2022, he was appointed both to the Board of Governors of Network of Untapped Entrepreneurs (NUE) Capital, a group of fund managers dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap in the United States, and to the Advisory Board of the Van Keuren Family Office Real Estate (FORE) Institute, an organization that provides executive education to family offices and family office professionals concerning real estate investment.

About Engineered Tax Services

Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is the only licensed engineering firm providing specialty tax services to CPA firms and their clients. As advocates for America’s small and mid-sized businesses, ETS helps CPA firms add value to their client relationships by offering sophisticated strategies like cost segregation, the research and development tax credit, and other specialized tax credits and incentives, allowing them to retain more working capital and drive profitability.


Daniel Plant,