Equator Advanced Appliances is proud to announce the all new EHC 36532 Electric Hybrid Cooktop. This brand new eco-friendly cooktop solution is not only setting a new standard for culinary experience, but it is a viable alternative when it comes to improving the sustainability of your home.

The Equator EHC 36532 Electric Hybrid Cooktop exudes a statement of style and functionality. Crafted with user-functionality and precision in mind, this cooktop boasts a dark and sleek design that can blend into any modern kitchen aesthetic. With five burners, including three ceramic and two powerful induction sensor options, the EHC 36532 offers unmatched flexibility and versatility for all your cooking needs.

Powered by a robust 240V/60Hz/39A electrical input, this cooktop delivers an impressive total power of 9200W. Showcasing its energy efficiency capabilities across 9 adjustable levels. Each burner is supported by a range of 1800-3800W of power, ensuring rapid and uniform heating for efficient cooking. With the option of the booster function, you can even expedite your cooking process by heating up your burners quickly.

Key features of the Equator EHC 36532 Electric Hybrid Cooktop include a child lock, residual heat indicator, and safety switch for preventative and cautionary measures. Specifically, the residual heat indicator can be useful to know when your hybrid cooktop is safe to touch. In addition it includes induction sensors for optimal performance and a keep warm function to ensure your dishes remain at the perfect temperature until serving time. For each user, they can easily navigate the cooktop’s settings via the digital display and touch controls during its use.

Priced at $729, the Equator EHC 36532 Electric Hybrid Cooktop offers exceptional value for homeowners seeking uncompromising quality and performance in their kitchen appliances. The Equator EHC 36532 Electric Hybrid Cooktopcan be purchased directly through Amazon, Home Depot, Overstock, Lowe’s, Wayfair, and with major appliance retailers nationwide

For more information about Equator Advanced Appliances and its range of innovative home appliances, visit www.equatorappliances.com.

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Equator Advanced Appliances delivers cutting-edge home appliance solutions to customers throughout the United States. Each appliance is specifically designed to enhance the modern living experience and provide the utmost convenience to customers. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to quality, Equator Advanced Appliances continues to set standards throughout the industry by providing premier kitchen appliances.


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