Eric Painter has helped integrate SaaS solutions into the operation of many companies. However, he also knows that some businesses may not understand this option and how it benefits them. By fully grasping the nature of this software solution, you can integrate it into your overall operation and provide the long-term help that your company needs to thrive.


Eric Painter (43)


Why Eric Painter Believes SaaS is Good for You

If you’ve never heard of SaaS, it is vital to break down the term to make it easier to understand. Put simply, SaaS stands for “software as a service” and is a unique idea that could provide many solutions. To give you one idea of the extent of this term, it is essential to look at a few common models. For example, Eric Painter of Texas highlights anti-virus software and word processing programs.

In the past, you would buy either of these options at a high price and install them on your computer. You could then purchase updates to them when you liked, allowing you to get easy access to a broad range of services. However, the overall cost was expensive, and software companies were not making good money on their expenditures. That’s when SaaS debuted.

This option lets you pay a subscription rate for continued access to software, such as a monthly bill of $25 for anti-virus protection or access to an expansive office suite of programs. So instead of paying thousands of dollars on these systems, you could get them for much less and could cancel any time, meaning you may end up paying less, Eric Painter of Texas states.

But how can this benefit your company? Just think of the amount of money you spend on yearly updates to your software. You probably spend thousands of dollars that must be continually repaid to keep your company in operation. With SaaS, you don’t have to make that kind of investment. Instead, you pay monthly, can cancel when you want, and get automatic updates to any item you rent.

This benefit is enormous, Eric Painter states because it means you get those automatic updates without buying new software. Even better, you can cut back on expenses when you’re starting to make your transition to a higher level of success. These transitions can be easier and more streamlined with SaaS. And it’s beneficial for startup companies or those trying to move their business internationally.

Even better, most of these programs have high levels of data protection, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting hacked. Many even operate in the cloud behind a VPN that only you get access to as a company. Therefore, your financial and security information is much safer than normal, your customers won’t experience any issues, and you can keep yourself and your business fully operational.