Your little princess wants a princess party. Perhaps you’ve already had a princess party or two, or perhaps you simply want to do something a bit out of the ordinary. Do you have a winter birthday girl, or simply want to celebrate the changing of the seasons? Mary-Jean Harris, the owner of Fairytale Princess Parties, says it’s a great time for a princess party!

Choosing the Right Princess

Instead of simply choosing your child’s favorite princess, Mary-Jean suggests considering their seasonal associations. Each season is associated with several princesses, so your daughter is sure to love one of them!

Spring and Summer

Aurora and Snow White are the epitome of spring and summer. Tiana is at home in the heart of New Orleans, making her a hit in the summer as well. Ariel could also be considered a summer princess, given her association with the sea.

Fall and Winter

Elsa and Anna are clearly winter princesses. Pocahontas is strongly associated with fall. Merida lives in a cool, winter climate. The use of pumpkins in Cinderella, and the beauty of her blue gown, suggest that she may be a fall princess as well. Lastly, we have Belle. She ended up with the Beast because her father was searching for a rose, but the only ones he found in the frozen weather were in the Beast’s garden.

Choosing Seasonal Elements

Mary-Jean Harris of Fairytale Princess Parties says that one way to make your princess party unique is to highlight aspects of the tale not commonly focused on. Highlighting the season is a great way to do that.

A Merida princess party could be extra cozy, with a bonfire. Perhaps a nerf gun archery tournament for a party game. If Elsa is your favorite, recreate the dinner party from the movie. A chocolate fountain and finger sandwiches can give your party a realistic touch.

Instead of focusing on Cinderella’s glass slipper, focus on her pumpkin carriage. Serve pumpkin tarts and use pumpkins and gourds to decorate the tables.

Let Them Eat Cake?

Mary-Jean, owner of Fairytale Princess Parties believes the cake is a key element of most parties. However, the cake doesn’t always have to be a cake! Consider an ice cream cake for an Elsa-themed party. Consider a maple walnut cake for an older child’s fall party or birthday.

If Belle is your most beloved princess, use the theme of roses growing in the snow. Choose a vanilla cake with white frosting, and adorn it with edible flower petals. Tarts and pies are an excellent choice for fall, and you can never go wrong with themed cookies.

Hire a Princess to Bring Your Party to Life

The best princess parties will include a real princess! Once you’ve decided on a princess for your party, be sure to book them far in advance. Mary-Jean Harris says that the most popular princesses often have limited availability. Expect your princess to be the life of the party, and bring even more magic to your little one’s special day.