SHANGHAI, 8th Dec 2022 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) will host on 9th – 10th January 2023 the fifth annual edition of the China Day in Shanghai, which will bring together CEOs from the CGF China Board of Directors and from CGF member companies based in China.

Under the theme “From Resilience to Reinvention: Sustainable Growth in the Next Era”, the 2023 edition of CGF China Day aims to shine light over the most recent developments in our industry, after three years of crises, and understand what the impacts for consumer goods companies are. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis and the ongoing climate crisis are forcing the entire consumer goods industry to rethink the way we operate.

A stellar speaker line-up of CEO-level speakers from leading consumer goods industries, as well as executives and professionals from across the sector, will explore how we need to shift and transform, and look ahead to where business needs to focus. They will share insights, implementation success stories and best practices in food safety, health, sustainability, and end-to-end value chain, focusing on topics such as:

  • Sustainable business growth
  • Carbon reduction
  • Food safety
  • Healthier consumer choices
  • Recyclable design of plastic packaging
  • Digital supply chains
  • Collaborative co-creation, and more.

Participants of the fifth edition of the China Day will hear inspiring case stories that illustrate positive change. Leaders from across the industry will share how they view the current situation, what the main challenges are, and what are the innovative solutions and actions that can help companies get through the crises. Networking opportunities with your peers, as well as a chance to interact face-to-face with the most relevant influencers of our industry, will allow participants to gain a global perspective of what happens in China.

Parallel events focusing on food safety, health, sustainability and digital supply chain will also take place on the second day of CGF China Day.

The third CGF China Health and Sustainability Collaboration Day, under the theme “From Conversation to Action: The Transition to Better Business”, will bring together senior management from manufacturers and retailers, industry experts, academics and business representatives from within our industry and beyond, representing companies such as Alibaba, Danone, Nestlé, Mars, Incorporated, L’Oréal, and Watsons. Speakers will exchange views on “Healthy and Sustainable Diets”, “Innovation-driven Healthy Consumption”, “Innovative Packaging Design”, “Carbon Emission Reduction”, and “Consumer Engagement”, among others. The discussions will explore the impact of health and sustainability on the consumer goods industry as a whole, particularly in the context of the current Covid-19 crisis. Participants will have a chance to share and exchange ideas on how to achieve synergies in addressing these challenges for the industry and society at large.

The second day of the CGF China Day will also welcome the eleventh edition of the GFSI China Focus Day. Combining GFSI global strategic priorities and local food safety topics, the event will bring together experts and scholars from the food industry, both local and global, to share the most recent trends and views, as well as practical cases, on topics such as “Once Certified, Recognised Everywhere”, “Capability Building”, “Public-Private Partnerships”, and “Food Safety Technology Innovation”. Themed “Tackling Food Safety Challenges Head On – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond”, the 2023 GFSI China Focus Day will welcome food safety experts and leaders from companies such Mengniu, Wal-Mart China, Wu-Mart & Metro China, Unilever China, Alibaba, etc.

Finally, representatives from companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, P&G, L ‘Oréal, Yum China, Haleon, Mengniu, among others, will share their views on “Our World Changes & So Does Logistics – It’s Time to Act Resilient, Agile and Sustainable”, the theme of the second CGF China Digital Supply Chain Day this year. This special event is dedicated to E2E Value Chain topics such as Collaboration and Digitalisation in Supply Chain, Building Resilient and Agile Supply Chain, Smart Logistics, Sustainability and Green Supply Chain.

The final list of speakers for the 2023 CGF China Day is still being finalised. CEO speakers from previous editions include CGF Board Co-Chair Daniel ZHANG, Executive Chairman & CEO, Alibaba Group; David (Xiqiang) ZHANG, EVP of Nestlé Group & Chairman and CEO, Nestlé Zone Greater China; Jeffrey LU, CEO, Mengniu Group; Tino Zeiske, President, Metro China; Wenzhong ZHANG, Founder and Chairman of Wumart Group/Dmall; Shaohua PU, President, Bailian Grou; Jasmine XU, Chairwoman & CEO, P&G Greater China; Anne Tse, CEO, PepsiCo Greater China; Jessie QIAN, Head of Consumer and Retail, KPMG China; Jennifer YE, Mainland China Consumer Markets Leader, PwC China; Uki ZHANG, Co-Founder, Chi Forest; Yajuan WANG, CMO, Xiaohongshu; and many others.

The CGF China Day 2023 will take place at the Conrad Shanghai Hotel, Shanghai. To register, please click here.

Wai-Chan Chan, Managing Director, The Consumer Goods Forum, said, “We are delighted to invite our members from China and from global companies based in the country to join this year’s

CGF China Day. The four previous successful editions prove how important it is to provide a platform for companies to share their views on such important matters for the consumer goods industry, such as health, sustainability, food safety and digital supply chain. China is a major player in our industry, and recent years have confirmed its relevance for all the discussions happening worldwide around supply chain, digital, health, sustainability and food safety. The fifth CGF China Day reinforces the power of global collaboration for our industry players to drive positive impact to people and the planet.”


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