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Fine Handcrafted Men’s Platinum Jewelry

Product Launch In Winter 2021

The annual highlight product launch of ByEnzo Jewelry – the Box Chain has been announced to the public this winter. Under profound product design and research, we are glad to present this piece of exclusive work with a team of sophisticated artisans. The box chain with the compass pendant necklace set is made with Platinum, i.e., PT 950, which symbolizes toughness, durability, and exclusivity, hammering away at delivering nonubiquitous men’s jewelry. So, enjoy the visual and sensational banquet with us and feel the collision of craftsmanship as well as the dense texture brought by Platinum. ByEnzo Jewelry is also very excited to create a unique piece with you by engraving initials, memorable dates, or symbols. The pendant necklace set will be available on ByEnzo Jewelry’s official website.

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Product Announcement in Winter 2021

This year, ByEnzo Jewelry has expanded the Rope Collection, which has included not only the latest product, Box Chain but also the Wheat Chain we have launched in Spring; the Rope Collection is believed to have high collection value. In addition, the Box Chain’s design is rare in the market that embraces a squared-shaped box-like design while having round cut edges to balance the masculinity and classic modem vibe. Besides, ByEnzo Jewelry’s Design Director Jin Yang was the pioneer in the new product launch that worth high expectations.

ByEnzo Jewelry is a Platinum Jewelry company specializing in the men’s jewelry category. Our Director has input countless efforts during the last decades. As a result, we are proud to present ourselves to the other side of the world with the Me crafts developed by a group of sophisticated artisans from Asia.

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Embrace Precious Material and Craftmanship

ByEnzo Jewelry’s products adopted Platinum as the primary material in our craftsmanship that is deeply influenced by our founder’s insistence on selecting highly qualified metals in creating fine jewelry pieces. The Platinum Box Chain and Pendant are finely crafted with precise cutting angles to outshine in any dimensions anywhere. Thanks to the rich history in handling precious metals like Platinum, you would enjoy the best works from ByEnzo Jewelry and feel the enthusiasm we have been involved in during the hand craftsmanship process. 

The “Craftsmanship Spirit” is what ByEnzo Jewelry’s motto and the spirit passed to the 21st century since our foundation. We would guarantee our customers that each piece of jewelry is proceeded by a team of skilled and experienced artisans from our in-house production studio. Each component from the Box Chain and the Compass Pendant is designed and crafted carefully with our belief in the company’s craftsmanship spirit. Therefore, we would love to pass on this exclusivity via our long-lasting Platinum crafts.


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Customization with ByEnzo Jewelry

Reaching the unreachable with us and appreciating uniqueness, we welcome customization requests. A piece of Platinum jewelry that lasts up to a few generations, carrying on the values and glories. The durable Platinum chain is customizable in different widths and lengths and customizing initials or monograms engraved on the clasp. Any languages, symbols, and logos are possible, and of course, our professional designer team will provide suggestions for your reference if necessary. Tailor-made designs are another option. Our designer team and customer service team will assist and guide you in the way to pursue your ideal piece of jewelry for the best and most satisfactory results.

In the latest Collection, the Box Chain and the Compass Pendant have various models for your selection; for example, the Box Chain is available in both 3.8mm and 4.3mm width. Besides, the Compass Pendant has three colors, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold, and the all Platinum option. Please contact us for further information by visiting our official website.

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About ByEnzo Jewelry

ByEnzo Jewelry is a handcrafting jewelry company specializing in Men’s Platinum jewelry, design, and production based in Seoul, South Korea.

Established by Founder Jin Yang in the early 90s, the company launched innovative designs that merge with traditional wisdom and the latest technology. In 2018, we started to explore the international market, not only in Asia but the Western world as well. ByEnzo Jewelry is an international Platinum Jeweler that offers exquisite Platinum jewelry and tailor service for Platinum jewelry lovers.


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