The Credit Cards and Platforms With The Best Wellness Rewards

As the saying goes, health is wealth. So it’s no wonder that many people are looking for ways to earn rewards for their health. Here are the top credit cards and platforms with the best wellness rewards.

Why are wellness programs important to consider when looking for a credit card?

Wellness programs can offer cardholders a variety of rewards, like discounts on health care products and services, travel opportunities, and more. Plus, many cards also offer bonus points for reaching specific health goals, such as eating healthy foods or exercising regularly. These rewards can help you save money on your groceries or travel expenditures, and they can also help you improve your overall health.

However, it’s still vital that you consider your spending habits and budget before signing up for a card with a wellness reward program. Some cards require high spending levels before you can earn rewards which can get you into debt quickly if you’re not careful. Too many cardholders get lured into overspending to reach bonus points or extra perks, only to end up needing a loan consolidation calculator to help them find debt consolidation options.

Some cards also offer modest rewards for reaching specific goals that might not be part of your health goals, such as gym memberships to expensive clubs when a budget-friendly gym is just as good. It’s also important to remember that some wellness programs are not available to everyone. For example, some credit cards don’t reward healthy behaviors like eating healthy foods or exercising regularly.

World of Hyatt Credit Card

Annual fee: $95

The World of Hyatt credit card is one of the best cards for travelers who stay at Hyatt hotels often, but it’s also an excellent card for those looking to get back to the gym. Cardholders can earn two points for every dollar spent at fitness clubs and gym memberships across the United States.

The Platinum Card from American Express

Annual fee: $695

The Platinum Card from American Express carries a hefty annual fee since the card was previously designed for frequent travelers, but since the COVID-19 pandemic curbed many travel plans, American Express has added some additional great features to the card. One of those includes $300 in statement credits for Equinox or Equinox+ memberships, making your SoulCycle addiction a little more affordable.

U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card

Annual Fee: $0

The U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card offers 5% cash back on your first $2,000 spent every quarter in whichever two categories you choose, including gyms, fitness centers, and even sporting goods stores.


KrowdFit is a wellness incentive program that connects to smartphones, wearable trackers, and accounts with Calm and MyFitnessPal. Data from these devices are used to measure your health-boosting actions, and you are rewarded for them through cash giveaways.

The KrowdFit credit card comes with a complimentary premium membership to KrowdFit and bonus entries into all the giveaways, growing in value as the platform gains more users.


By linking your credit card to the Ness app, you can start earning points for any healthy spending on that card (at a rate of one point per dollar). This includes things like fitness activities, nutrition choices, and other activities that fall within the wellness framework of Ness.

The bottom line

These cards and platforms all offer great rewards for people looking to improve their health. Whether you’re looking to save money on your health care costs or make healthy lifestyle choices, these cards can help you do it.

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