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Antibody drug conjugates are the emerging class of cancer targeting drugs which are built by attaching a small cytotoxic agent to an antibody via linker. The antibody targets the specific antigen which is presence on the targeted cell and delivers the cytotoxic payload. The novel therapeutic class delivers the drug with very high specificity to the target cell, maximizing the efficacy and minimizing systemic exposure. The entrance of antibody drug conjugates for the management of cancer has shown to greatly revolutionize the paradigm of cancer therapy in short span of time.

Presently, only 18 antibody drug conjugates have been approved by regulatory bodies for the management of various cancers including breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, gastrointestinal, and urothelial cancers. The breast cancer segment contributes to a majority of share in the market owing to the large number of product approved, increasing prevalence of breast cancer, and robust sales worldwide. However, it is estimated that during the forecast period lymphoma antibody drug conjugate segment will register high growth rates which is mainly attributed to large number of ongoing clinical trials, and new product launches during the forecast period. For instance, US FDA has recently granted permission to initiate phase-III clinical trial of Zilovertamab in relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma. Zilovertamab developed by Oncternal Therapeutics is novel antibody drug conjugate targeting ROR1.

The encouraging response of antibody drug conjugates in the management of cancer has further drive the research and development activities in this domain. The global market has diverse players which are involved in fierce competition. The research activities lead to new discoveries and treatment options, eventually adding value to the growth of the antibody drug conjugate market. The major key players in the market include Daiichi Sankyo, Roche, Gilead Sciences, ADC Therapeutics, AstraZenca, Seagen, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and others. In addition to this, several small start-ups have also entered into license agreement with big pharmaceutical giants to maintain their position in the global market. These rising trends in the market points towards the positive future of antibody drug conjugates in cancer therapeutics.

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