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The global high-performance fluoropolymers (HPF) market size is estimated to be USD 3.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 5.1 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 6.8%. This growth is attributed to HPF’s growing number of applications in various industries. Also, expansion across end-use industries is further driving the industry for HPF globally. Rapid adoption of 5G Connectivity, advancements in the designing of electronic components, and rising need of hybrid and compact engines for automobiles are also among the major drivers of the HPF consumption.

PTFE is the most widely used type of HPF and accounted for the largest market share. There is an increase in the use of dispersion and fine powder PTFE, for various applications, especially in North America and APAC. It is used in a wide range of applications such as semiconductor, automotive components, electrical appliances, and non-stick cookware. The growing applications in the electrical & electronics industry are expected to trigger the demand for PTFE, especially in advanced batteries and fuel cells.

HPF market is segmented into various forms such as suspension/granules, Fine powder & dispersion, and micropowder. HPF in the form of suspension/granules dominate the market. HPF exhibit excellent properties, such as good insulation, low surface energies, and high resistance to oils, UV radiation, chemicals, water, and corrosion. Granular fluoropolymers are processed by compression and sintering to make parts directly or to make billets suitable for machining. HPF in the form of granules are ideal for manufacturing high-performance mechanical/electrical products requiring excellent end-use performance such as skived tapes, films, sheets, machined gaskets, expansion joints, bellows, piston rings, and diaphragms. Suitability of granular form of HPF in the manufacturing of various components is a major reason for the large market size.

In 2020, Asia Pacific accounted for the largest share in the global HPF market. Leading manufacturers and exporters of medical & pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, and chemical products. The availability of cheap raw materials, low-cost labor, and presence of established end-use industries, such as chemical, oil & gas, transportation, and medical.

The key companies include The Chemours Company (US), Daikin Industries (Japan), 3M (US), Solvay (Belgium), AGC, Inc. (Japan), The Dongyue Group (China), GFL Limited (India), Fluoroseals SpA (Italy), Halopolymer (Russia), and Hubei Everflon polymer (China).

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