Twitch is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. Every Internet personality, gamer or not, is a part of the Twitch community. Many different factors make the platform unique yet exciting. One of the individual elements is called Cheer. Cheering on Twitch is quite similar to liking or giving any other reaction on different social media platforms. But the fact that each Cheer on Twitch can pay a streamer is what makes it unique. If you are interested in learning about Cheer’s purpose and how streamers can set it up for monetization, then read on. This blog covers everything you need to know about the functionality of Cheer on Twitch.

Before we dive into Twitch’s details and explicit functionality, let us first look at the platform, functionality, and popularity among the masses.

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Twitch came into being in 2011. As of now, this platform is ten years old and still equally famous. It is an online service that broadcasts videos throughout the world. Initially, Twitch was used by video gamers. People from all around the world would create streams for others to watch. But as time passed, more and more Internet personalities with diverse content became a part of the Twitch platform. Today, hundreds of people from different niches create their streams about various topics every single day.


Part of the reason why Twitch became this popular worldwide is that there are many different application features. For example, suppose a stream is available for co-streaming. In that case, people can use that stream and add their own take, opinion, and commentary to it. This way, streamers can show their fan-following what content they enjoy and share their views on them as well. 

Note: Keep it in your mind that co-streaming is only possible with streams made available for the purpose. If you pick up an unauthorized stream for co-streaming goals, you may have to face legal charges shortly.


It is an exciting feature, as mentioned before. Its purpose is not limited to expressing the appreciation of the viewer. But, it also sends some money to the streamer. Here is how it works if a person sends a cheer to a streamer.

Each Cheer is equivalent to one bit. This one bit equates to one cent in real life. A fan who really likes the stream can buy a bit for one cent and send it to the streamer in the form of a cheer. When the bits from joy add up to a substantial amount, streamers can get them cashed and utilize them for their various needs. The streamers can easily earn money from the Cheer feature, making it a viable and easy income source.  

Why send a cheer?

At this point, you must be wondering why anyone would want to send a cheer to someone for no reason? One of the significant reasons people send a cheer to any streamer is because they like the content. They enjoy watching their streams, and the viewers want to support them to create better content for the viewers. But sending a cheer does have its advantage. Twitch provides a special badge to the sender of the Cheer, making the sender of cheers distinguished amongst all the followers. The streamers can identify the people who sent the Cheer quickly in the list through a single glance.

By adding this acknowledgment badge to the person sending a Cheer, a reward system is created. This keeps both the streamer and the sender satisfied. The streamers keep adding streams and get much-needed motivation. At the same time, the sender of Cheer feels seen and appreciated by the platform and the streamers.

Setting Up Cheer

If you are a streamer or viewer on Twitch, you must be interested in utilizing the Cheer feature. Following the procedure helps you in performing the task all by yourself.

Streamer Perspective

It can help you identify your top watchers and earn money at the same time. But the function of Cheer is not implemented as a part of Cheer. On the other hand, a person interested in the feature has to manually get it started for each of their streams. Here are some of the necessary steps that you must follow if you want Cheer to become a part of your online stream and start earning money:

  1. Open the dashboard of your Twitch.
  2. Find the option of Cheer in the application.
  3. Enable the Cheering with Bits option.
  4. A tax form will pop up as soon as you enable it.
  5. You must sign the tax form after going through it carefully. You must be aware of the terms and agree with all of them before signing.
  6. Once you have signed the tax form, it is time to scroll to the Bits Threshold Settings.
  7. In the setting options, you must set minimum bits to Cheer. This means that a person who wants to send you Cheer will have to send a certain number of bits before the transaction can happen. You can set the value to 1 or another more significant number.
  8. Remember, the value of the bit has to be a number larger than 1.
  9. Once you define this limit, it is time to set the Minimum Bit Emote/Badge.
  10. This number also has to be set at a value bigger than 1. Any smaller value is invalid.
  11. To show that you appreciate your audience and let them know that you acknowledge and love the Cheer they send your way, set Cheer Badge Settings.
  12. Since you have enabled this feature just now, it is time to inform your viewers about it.
  13. Go ahead and make an entry to let everyone know that you are receiving Cheers.     

Viewer Perspective

Have a favorite streamer whom you want to share some love with? Send them your appreciation token through Cheer. Here is how:

  1. Click on the Get Bits button. It is visible on the top of the screen above the video or in the messages.
  2. Click the Buy option.
  3. Choose a payment method.
  4. Authorize the payment.
  5. Click on continue and check out.
  6. Select Pay Now to complete the transaction.

If you want to send a Cheer without paying for the service, you can watch different ads. In return, the Twitch app provides you bits to send Cheers. It is one of the most recent services which is launched by Twitch.

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How to Cheer in Twitch?

Now that you have placed everything in position, it is time to execute the whole process. Here is how you can easily cheer on Twitch.

  1. Open the chat box in the stream.
  2. Select the Bits icon from there.
  3. Pick out a Twitch Cheer-mote.  
  4. Define the number of bits you want to send as Cheer.
  5. Send them over in a single click.


The process is as simple as the above mentioned five steps. It is easy to follow and simple to execute. Send some Cheer today to your favorite streamers and send them the love that they deserve. Your tiny amounts can add up to a lot of worth when it comes to paying through the Cheer system to your favorite streamer. Start sending one immediately!