What a fantastic time to be alive! We live in a world where you can live in isolated conditions but still feel like you live amongst hundreds of people. You no longer have to go outside and mingle to make friends. Instead, you can sit in the comfort of your homes, behind a screen, and easily make friends in the online world. Technology has come a long way. Like YouTube, Twitch is a famous platform with one purpose: to bring together all the streamers from around the world to a single place. It creates an experience of togetherness like no other. Before diving into details, let us first understand what Twitch is and what is its functionality.


The concept of Twitch is straightforward. You go to the platform and watch other people playing different games. You can interact with them through messages. 

Currently their main competitors are YouTube and DailyMotion. But the biggest one is YouTube. This is because this platform has millions of users from around the world. And as of 2016, in order to compete with Twitch, YouTube launched their own app dedicated to streamers. But with the wide range of features available on Twitch, there is a lot of catching up to do for YouTube. 

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Benefits of Twitch

Apart from gaming content, there is a lot of other types of streams available as well. Content creators from all walks of professions create their streams on Twitch. Twitch Stream is fun, easy, and very convenient to watch. Still, they are also a very efficient way to connect with their audiences. This means that a person who is a celebrity on YouTube can create a stream on Twitch to increase their audience and, at the same time, capture the attention of the existing audience.

Basically, by streaming on Twitch, content creators provide a front-row seat to their audiences. Everyone can enjoy the stream as if they are sitting right beside the content creator. Moreover, people can place the videos of their favorite broadcasts in their archive forever section. This means that they can access and view it any time that they want. Once a stream is available on the Twitch stream, people can access it and watch it at any point they want. 

Accessing Twitch

Accessing Twitch is simple. Twitch is accessible through web browsers, PCs, mobiles, and even explicitly designed applications like all other social giants. There is no registration cost to be able to access Twitch.

Twitch APK’s

One of the best things about Twitch is that game developers can use its APK in their code. This means that if you develop a game and add a Twitch APK with it, you can create a stream of your game on Twitch for people to watch. It even provides an option for all the game players to connect and participate in the game. This is accomplished by chatting on the Twitch app.


You must be thinking individual streams are the only feature of Twitch to capture the attention of its users. But that is not the case. There are many other unique features on Twitch that attract its viewers. One such feature is called co-streaming. 

What is Co-Streaming?

When you decide to co-stream in Twitch, you put your own spin on the stream developed by other people. By doing that, they create another experience for their own followers for the same stream. One of the biggest perks of co-streaming is that you allow viewers to get a sneak-peek of the content that you enjoy. Here is a guide to setup co-streaming using Twitch platform. This guide is useful for those people who use the streaming software OBS and XSplit.

Available Content for Co-Streaming

There is a whole list of NBA G League streams available for the purpose of watching or co-streaming. Any stream that is to be a part of your Twitch channel stream is easily available for co-streaming purposes. This means that if you are an ardent fan of basketball and love to do your own commentary while the game is being played, co-streaming is the best option for you. You can do word-by-word and step-by-step commentary through co-streaming on Twitch. Your followers and fans can participate in the whole process with you. As a fan, it is a great honor to leave your own mark on the live game for the world to see.  

There are many different TV episodes available on Twitch for the purpose of Co-Streaming as well. There are multiple events throughout the year in which TV episodes are co-streamed throughout the world. It is easy to watch and easier to do for co-streaming purposes. 

Similarly, there are many other content streams available for people to co-stream. For example, one of the most common streams which are co-streamed are the ones of Like Awards. Many Twitch users enjoy co-streaming these events so that they can add their own commentary, statistics, and reviews about the events. This way their fans get to know more about their likes and dislikes on the topic. 

Co-Streaming with Xsplit

  1. First, you need to look for the Add button. 
  2. Select Webpage option. 
  3. Adjust the height, FPS, and other details of your Twitch stream according to your likings. 
  4. On the Creator Dashboard, you will see a co-stream tag. 
  5. Select it. 
  6. Once you have opted for the tag, it is time to begin streaming. 
  7. Click to Start Streaming. 

To successfully co-stream with XSplit, it is important to ensure that your version of XSplit is at least 3.0 or above.  

Co-Streaming with OBS

  1. Open the OBS app. Select the panel of Sources. On the bottom left corner you will see the ‘+’ icon. Click on it. Or on the right click the Add button in the panel of Sources.  
  2. Pick the option of Browser from the menu. 
  3. You will be taken to another screen. 
  4. On the top, you will see a URL field.
  5. On it, enter the URL address of the Twitch you want to co-stream. 
  6. Adjust the height, FPS, and other details of your Twitch stream according to your likings. 
  7. Press the OK button to continue. 
  8. On the Creator Dashboard, you will see a co-stream tag. 
  9. Select it. 
  10. Once you have opted for the tag, it is time to begin streaming. 
  11. Click Start Streaming on OBS. 

Benefits of Co-Streaming

Co-Streaming was a very unique concept and is now becoming more and more popular in the online world. There are many benefits of Co-Streaming. Here are some: 

  1. The streams are universally accessible for anyone to watch later on. This means that people in the similar Twitch community will start following you if your commentary or opinions of the co-stream match with theirs. 
  2. As a creator on Twitch, they help increase your followers and overall viewings around the complete Twitch Community. 
  3. Different events are promoted by the person doing the commentary. This means that if I have a following of a 100 people on Twitch and I do co-streaming on any video available for it, there is a good chance 50 out of my 100 followers will watch the co-streaming video. This means that the overall viewers of the stream will increase. The viewership increases of both parties of the co-stream.

Issues with Co-Streaming

Oftentimes, content is not legally allowed for co-streaming purposes. This means that the stream is private. Anyone who performs co-streaming on that stream might create major legal implications for the co-streamer. For example, there are many sport channels which have particular feeds with a specific audience. They do not allow any user of Twitch to co-stream their videos. If that happens, channels on Twitch can sue the person performing co-stream. This is why it is important to know which videos are accessible for co-streaming purposes. 

One other drawback of co-streaming is that you cannot archive it or take clips out of it even though it is possible in other streams available on Twitch. Moreover, you must follow a schedule for co-streaming. 

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Final Words

Co-stream on Twitch is a very interesting feature. It allows content creators to connect with their audiences even more. People can interact with the streams that they follow and know what their streamer enjoys in their free time. They can look and understand different perspectives and aspects of the stream which is available on Twitch. At the end of the day, co-stream promotes creativity of creators and provides different aspects to the same event. 

The one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that streams are intellectual properties of their owners. This means that you may not use them without their permission. If you do use them, it is best to have their permission. Otherwise, you can create a lawsuit on yourself and have many legal issues. You must abide by the legal implications and rules that are laid down by the Twitch Community. Their standards must be met at all costs.