Google Docs is a lifesaver for almost everyone out there. It is easy to use, and the whole software is very interactive. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Google Docs is its ability to incorporate multiple functionalities. People who love to add a little color to their Google Docs can easily highlight different portions of their text with many colors. You no longer need to print the document on a piece of paper and use highlighters. You don’t even need to open and create a Word document on your device. All of this is now possible to accomplish on Google Docs. You can simply color-code your document for the text present on the document present in the cloud and save it there. It is an efficient way to keep your document organized as well. Here is a simple guide to highlight different portions of a Google Doc.

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Open Google Docs

We all know how to do that. But just for the sake of revising, open your Gmail. On the top right corner, you will see a dotted icon for Apps. Click on it and scroll down to the bottom of the panel which pops up. Select the icon which says Docs (Everyone knows it’s blue). There are many options available in the Google Docs for different types of documents. You will see the option to start a blank document, select it.

Highlighting the Sentences

It is time to select the portion of text that you want to highlight. For that, press the right button on your mouse. Keep pressing the button and at the same time drag your mouse over the text that you wish to highlight. Remember to not let the button go before you reach the final word. If you fail to highlight the sentence altogether, the text will not be highlighted.

Toolbar Option

On the top of your Google Doc screen, you will see a toolbar. Towards the middle of the toolbar, you will see an icon in the form of a marker or highlighter. Click on it. A drop down of colors will pop open. From there, you can select any color you want for highlighting purposes. As soon as you click on the Color you wish to, the text will be highlighted automatically.


This is another method to highlight and organize your text on Google Docs. On the top, you will see a toolbar on your document. Click on the button that says “Add-Ons.” It is likely that Google Docs will not have the highlighter option installed beforehand. On the dropdown that opens up, click on the “Get Add-Ons option.


A screen with the title Work with Docs will pop up as soon as you select the Add-ons option. At the top, you will see a search bar—type in words Highlight Tool on it. The search results will pop up many possibilities. But in our experience, the best application is Highlight Tool. Click on the icon for the installation to begin. Google will ask your permission to install this application. You must grant this permission. Otherwise, this app will not be installed in your browser.

Using Highlight Tool App

Once the installation finishes, you are good to go. Navigate back to the Google Docs page and click on the Add-ons option once again. Another dropdown menu will be shown but this time, you will see an opportunity for the Highlight Tool App. Click on this option and select the Start button.  

Highlighter Library

Once you have clicked the Start button, a library for the highlighters will open up on the right side of your screen. Create a set of highlighters. In the text boxes, mention the name of the grouped highlighters. If you want to add another category, you can easily do it by clicking on the + button. Another set of colors is created, and you can name it anything you want in the text boxes.

Highlighting the Text

Once the library for highlighters is created, it is time to apply them to our text. The whole process is the same as mentioned in step 2. Take a quick look at that step for revision purposes. And voila, you are all done!

Extracting to a New Document

Want to export all the highlighted content to another platform and use it for later purposes? Worry no more. The Highlighting tool has got you covered. Through the use of this tool, you can quickly move all the content of your Google Doc into a new document. It will include all the colors of your highlighted texts. The process is very simple. In the Highlight Tool menu, click on the Extract Highlights option and By Color. Another screen will pop up in the Google Doc. Select the New Document option and press on the Extract button. And Voila! Your content is extracted into a new document with all the highlighted portions intact! You can easily use this for any other purpose that you want.

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The whole process was actually quite simple, no? To better understand the entire process, it is best to implement each step on the way. Even if you move to a new document, your content is structured, lovely to look at, easy to understand, and simple to learn!

This is one of the reasons why most people absolutely love and enjoy working on Google Docs. It allows users to perform hundreds of different functionalities instantly and without a lot of complications. Sure, highlighting in the Google Doc for the first time may seem like a complicated task. Still, after performing it 2-3 times, it will run smoothly on your fingertips. Using the colored highlighters, a visual outline is created for your document, making it much easier to understand and learn. Follow the instructions mentioned in this blog and get started immediately. Each detail will help you in accomplishing your task in a much more comfortable and straightforward manner.