There are several benefits of using Citi Credit Cards for everyday purchases. From earning reward points to getting cash rebates on eligible purchases, credit card perks are aplenty. There are various ways through which you can redeem these rewards and offers to your benefit. The below section depicts how you can use different credit card reward points for different scenarios.

Ways to Redeem Your Citi Credit Card Rewards

Some Citi Credit Cards offer reward points on eligible purchases and transactions, while some Citi Credit Cards offer cash rebates, so depending on the type of credit card you have and the type of reward you get, you can redeem the reward accordingly. Some of the common ways to redeem Citi Credit Card rewards are mentioned below:

Pay with Points: Offset your Citi Credit Card’s designated transactions (shopping, dining and more) by using Pay with Points via the Citi Mobile App, SMS or Citi Online Banking services. With Pay with Points, you can choose to offset either a partial or whole transaction.

Shop with Points: Pay a part of your hotel booking fee using Citi Points via Citi Shop with Points. You can select the “Citi Points + Partial Room Fee” option on the Agoda Rewards Platform to pay for a part of your stay with Citi Points and pay the rest of the hotel booking fee using your Citi Credit Card.

Citi Points Conversion: Covert your Citi Points to exciting deals from various participating merchant partners, such as AlipayHK, Circle K coupons, Taxi Dollars, MoneyBack Points, Clubpoints, and more, according to your needs and requirements in just a few steps via Citi Points Conversion.

Cash Rebates with Points: Redeem Cash Rebates with Points that you get when you purchase or transact using eligible Citi Credit Cards via the Citi Mobile App or Citi Online Banking. You can even select the amount you want to redeem in just a few simple steps.


Final Thoughts

Check and compare the wide range of credit cards that are offered by Citibank. As Citi Credit Cards offer reward points, you can use the points to offset purchases, convert the points or choose to redeem the points via the Citi Mobile App or Citi Online Banking. So, without any further ado, apply for the best Citi Credit Card today and access a world of offers and rewards that Citibank has to offer.

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