You might ask why does this question even exist in the already arcane world of Google questions, but our laziness has apparently transpired many boundaries. A genuine question nonetheless that stands alongside questions like ‘Why can’t YouTube play when my phone is locked?’, you might have heard people ask ‘how to reverse a YouTube playlist’? It is a great video platform and all, but nobody has ever seen a reverse playlist button on YouTube. I’m just saying.

And, here’s the short answer: yes, you can reverse a YouTube playlist. The reason nobody’s ever seen a button that does that on YouTube is because YouTube themselves don’t have this button. To reverse a YouTube playlist, you are going to have to employ the talents of web browser extensions, which means that you can only reverse a YouTube playlist on a browser with the extensions installed; it won’t work on the stock application, installed either on your phone or your PC. Only on the browser itself.

While the reasons for YouTube not including such a button is beyond us, the fact that such tools exist to fulfil our little desires give us hope that one day, YouTube will finally throw us all a bone and include a button by themselves on the app as well. In the meanwhile, we’re going to need to use the browser extension. Here’s how to reverse a YouTube playlist using browser extensions.

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How to Reverse a YouTube Playlist?

As mentioned beforehand, you can only achieve this feat by installing a web browser extension, which, as a matter of fact, are many. These will be listed below. As of now, YouTube still hasn’t given us a way to listen to music with the screen locked and now this too is going to bugger the collective minds of this generation and any other generation who uses it for their music fix. Either way, here’s how to reverse a YouTube playlist. 

Using a Web Browser Extension(For PC)

As of now, the only way to reverse a YouTube playlist is by using a web browser extension, which is available on Google Chrome for free download and adds a button on every YouTube playlist that the user forms with an icon for reversing it. There are two extensions that are both free to download, available on Google Chrome and can give a satisfactory answer to the above-posted question. 

1. Reverse YouTube Playlist:

As the name implies, this web browser extension for Google Chrome can be used to reverse a YouTube playlist which the user has to form themselves. When the formation of a YouTube playlist is on the screen, you will see an icon of two arrows headed in the opposite directions. If you use the video platform frequently, you’ll immediately know that this is not YouTube’s own feature but is rather being displayed by an extension. Simply click on it and the playlist will start from the bottom song or video and will progress downwards thereon. 

To use it, you will have to first download the extension from the store, Chrome Web Store and click on Extensions. Simply search for the extension ‘Reverse YouTube Playlist’ in the search bar and download the one with logo (YouTube logo surrounded by two orange-ish arrows). Once it has been downloaded, enable it from the browser’s Extensions settings and enable it to activate with YouTube. 

Once it has been installed, restart the browser and search, launch YouTube. Pick up a playlist from your Liked videos or any other playlist, and on the top right corner of the playlist, you will find a reverse logo. Click on it, and the playlist will start playing from the bottom up. Simple.

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2. Improved YouTube!:

Another really popular extension available on the Chrome Web Store is the Improved YouTube! Extension, which can be found doing rounds on social media threads where the problem is being discussed. Improved YouTube! Is a pretty nifty tool for browsers to run YouTube the way they like it, not how Google determines. According to its description, it is an open-sourced software which runs on Google Chrome and also on GitHub.

While it may experience problems occasionally and is also supposed to be a bit buggy (according to reviews), Improved YouTube! Works flawlessly to deliver a more engaging YouTube experience for the user, not to mention enabling the option to reverse a YouTube playlist, and not just the visual representation, but in playback as well. 

To use Improved YouTube!, simply go to Chrome Web Store and in Extensions, search for the software and download it. Once its done downloading, go to your browser’s Settings and in Extensions, enable it. Close your browser after it and launch it again and the extension will be available for use on the top right corner of the browser. Load up YouTube and select a playlist and the reverse button will be available on the top of the playlist, ready to be used. 

For Android Users

These days everything is done on phones. From contacting other people to listening to new songs, Android phones are used for a wide variety of reasons. But, when it comes to listening to a particular playlist on YouTube, things can get pretty monotonous and boring. This is because the playlist mostly stays in the same sequence. If you want to shuffle things up a bit and play the YouTube playlist in reverse order on Android phone, here is how:

1. Shuffle Method

Here is how you can use the shuffle method to reverse a YouTube playlist:

a) Open the YouTube app.

b) Select the option for the YouTube Playlists.

c) On the left side of the video’s thumbnail, you will see two horizontal lines.

d) Touch on those lines and hold the touch for a few seconds.

e) This will give your video the option to move up and down in the playlist.

f) Now drag and move the videos as you would like and add them in a reverse sequence.

This method is quite straightforward and easy to use. Most people, who want to get their YouTube playlist in reverse, utilize the shuffling method. This is because it has a wide variety of options and does not limit your Playlist to being reversed only.  

2. Sorting Method

Here is how you can use the sorting method of YouTube playlists as a way to reverse YouTube playlist.

a) Open the YouTube app on your mobile phone.

b) Select the option for YouTube playlist.

c) Pick the playlist that you would like to reverse.

d) When you open the playlist, you will see an option on the top to “Sort” it.

e) Touch the button that says Sort.

f)  Now, you have the option to sort your YouTube playlist in any order that you would like.

g) Easily drag and drop the videos from end to start and get the arrangement done in a reverse order.

3. Third Party Apps

If you do not want to get in the hassle of reversing the YouTube playlist through the app and its various options, you can easily use the services of the third party app. Most apps that you find on the Google Play Store are more or less unsafe. This is why it is advised to refrain from using random ones that are not marked as safe. Such apps can steal your data or send virus to your Android system, hence corrupting it.

There is a website called PlaybackLoop that is generally marked safe for reversing your YouTube playlist. Many people vouch for it and from personal experience, a safe and easy to use website that really gets the job done. Here is how you can use PlaybackLoop to accomplish the said task:

a) Open the Chrome browser on your Android phone.

b) Open two different tabs in the browser.

c) In one of the tab, load the Playback Loop website.

d) In the second tab, open the YouTube website.

e) From the YouTube website, open the link to your playlist that you want to reverse.

f) Copy the URL of the opened playlist.

g) Go back to the first tab, which has Playback Loop website open on it.

h) Paste the copied URL into the search bar of the PlaybackLoop website and click go.

i)  It will present you multiple options and you can choose how you want to play your YouTube playlist.

j) Choose the option that you want i.e. play the YouTube playlist in reverse.  

Note: Remember to open the YouTube in the web browser of your phone and not the application that is download through the Play Store on your phone. If you do so, the process of copying the link of your desired playlist will become complicated and too many extra steps are involved. This is why open the YouTube website on the browser for convenience in a different tab.

For iPhone Users

For iPhone users, things are simple when it comes to playing a YouTube playlist in reverse. The most straightforward option is to open the YouTube on the browser and then take a few steps to accomplish the task. Here is how you can do it:

a. Open the browser of your iOS.

b. Search for the website YouTube in the search bar.

c. Select the playlist that you want to listen to in the reverse order.

d. You will see three dots on the bottom of your playlist’s name.

e. Tap these dots and then tap on the playlist settings option.

f. Once the playlist settings open up, select the option for advanced playlist settings, and choose this option.

g. This will take you to a new window that gives you multiple options.  

h. From the drop-down menu, you can easily select to reverse the YouTube playlist.

i. Save the choice that you have made and enjoy listening to your playlist in the reverse order.

Final Words

Sometimes, you just want to watch the YouTube playlist videos in reverse. But, because there is no mainstream option available for it, you really cannot do anything. Despite YouTube being a huge platform, there are some things that are still missing. The question of how to reverse a YouTube playlist is often asked by people because they are confused. Hopefully, this guide can help resolve this issue for most people. However, special thanks goes to different third party apps along with the sorting and shuffling options provided by the YouTube’s in-built system, reversing is possible.


Q1. Can I Transfer my YouTube Playlist to Another Account?

Yes, you can easily transfer your YouTube playlist to another account. Add all the desired songs of your playlist to the Library of your YouTube account. Then by using the export option provided on the YouTube, you can easily transfer songs to a different YouTube play list account. If you are not comfortable with the whole export process, there are different third-party apps that offer to do the same thing for you. You can easily find them through Google Search.

Q2. Is it Possible to Play YouTube Playlists in Reverse Order?

Yes, it is very much possible to play YouTube playlists in reverse order. There are multiple options out there when going about this task. The most common one used by PC users is to install an app in the browser. Many apps available help you accomplish this task. Some of the options have been discussed above in detail.

Q3. Is There a Way to Reverse a YouTube Playlist?

Whether you are using YouTube on your phone or the PC, you can easily reverse a YouTube playlist within no time. There are third party apps that give you the option to do so or you can utilize the feature that is now offered by YouTube. See the above discussion for better understanding.

Q4. Is it Possible to Rearrange Your YouTube Playlist?

As specified above, there are multiple third party apps available to accomplish the task of rearranging your YouTube playlist. Apart from that there is an option on YouTube to get the arrangement done.