We’ve all seen Twitch streamers going about their business; streaming games, thanking the donors and commentating on their gameplay and whatnot. But sometimes, as it is with many content creators, you need more than one person to feel the buzz, to get the party started. That is exactly why Twitch introduced a feature called squad stream; where instead of seeing just one member of the Faze Clan you get to see the whole squad. And when it comes to Rocket League, you can see the whole team instead of just the streamer who likes demolitions. But how to squad stream on Twitch?

According to Twitch’s official website and the guide on how to use squad stream, up to four people can use this feature simultaneously as part of a team, thus the name squad stream. It’s imperative to note here that you can’t include any more than four; so, if your clan includes more than four people, you better bring the A-team to the squad stream.

Now onto the how part,

How to Squad Stream on Twitch

First up, you’re going to have to locate the Squad Stream option on the Quick Action panel, which is visible on your dashboard’s Stream Manager. From there, you have two options; you can either start a squad stream or you can join one. If you want to start one, click on the ‘Start Squad Stream’ option on the lower end of the window. This will allow you to select three more streamers or channels to add to your squad stream by pressing on the ‘Add a Channel’ button and selecting the required from the drop-down menu.

If you want to join a squad stream, you will need to find invites on the same Squad Screen menu. Once you accept the invite, you will be added to the stream and it will automatically start once the four-member requirement has been met.

How to Watch Squad Stream on Twitch

To watch the FaZe Clan tear apart the opposition in CoD: Warzone or if you just want to see the latest musty flicks on the Rocket League channel, simply search the name or channel of one of the members of the squad stream. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find a list of solo streams and squad streams in the video archive. Simply click on it and you will be able to get in on the action in no time at all. 

Twitch Team Streaming

During a live squad stream, many have been heard referring to this feature as Twitch team streaming, which is fine, but it really isn’t what the Twitch community calls it. It has the same intent, of course, but officially you’ll call it squad streaming and if you want to find the latest Twitch squad streams, on say, YouTube, you won’t find it by searching for Twitch team streaming, although these two are the same things essentially.

Squad Stream on Twitch

Twitch is one of the biggest platforms for game streaming and it can be argued that it was the pioneer of an industry that has grown to rake in billions of dollars in revenue. It has created some internet personalities, and it is due to this platform that professional gaming and e-sports as a competition has been given so much importance as of late.

Games like Rocket League, Mortal Kombat and other competitive multiplayer titles all routinely host matches, where teams from all around the world compete live in front of an audience and at the helm of it all is Twitch, whose features such as squad stream have converted it into such a fan favorite for streamers to start their channels on.

However, it is now beginning to face some competition, in the form of platforms that were not traditionally associated with game streaming per se. For instance, Facebook and YouTube both are rolling out new streaming platforms to compete with Twitch and although they aren’t getting as much traffic and users and advert revenue as Twitch, but in the longer run, the latter can expect some dents in their business.

However, Twitch, with its features like Squad Stream and other amazing features that let content creators find a market and audience among like-minded people, has been pivotal in the rise of several games, not to mention the entire game streaming industry, that is now worth a whopping $2.1 billion. Several popular games, like Among Us and other multiplayer titles, have found mainstream success due to a popular streamer playing it live or advertising it to their viewers.

And with games like these, you can easily understand why the squad stream feature is such an instant hit with content creators and viewers alike; it can help the viewers feel more connected to the gameplay and can see for themselves what is going on with each of the streamers.