If you are using Samsung’s flagship from 2 years before, the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, congratulations. It’s a really good phone and builds on the already great platform that was the S8/ Note 8 series. But, as you might’ve known, the S9 comes loaded with a lot of goodies, tips and tricks and gesture controls that make it an absolute breeze to own and operate. Even simple tasks like taking a screenshot have been dialed up a notch by Samsung to ensure that the phone runs great. If the S9 is such a dream to use, how to take a screenshot on Samsung S9?

First things first. Unlike other devices, where there are two, maybe three ways of taking a screenshot, Samsung’s tweaking around with the features and the overall usability of the phone have contributed to a feature increase, which means that there are more than five ways of taking a screenshot on Samsung S9. Seems like an overkill, having five different methods of saving a simple screenshot, but this speaks volumes on the fact that Androids and Samsung in general are one of the most tech-laden and feature heavy devices you can buy on the market right now. What is more cooler than FaceID recognizing you as soon as your face is in view? Maybe a Batman-eques device that scans your eyes as soon as you approach it. Samsung has been offering it since 2017. Yes, Samsung phones, especially the S9, are generally considered to be the best Android phones out there. But how do you take a screenshot on Samsung S9?

We weren’t kidding when we said there were more than six ways of capturing a screenshot on Samsung S9. There are actually six methods, not counting the method where you just remember it. Anyways, on to how can you take a screenshot on Samsung S9.

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How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung S9

Following are the six methods of taking screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9,

Taking A Screenshot Via Physical Keys:

Samsung has gotten rid of its iconic Home button, situated below the screen and instead, has gone full digital with the navigation buttons. This means that while on S7 Edge and earlier, you could snap a screenshot by long-pressing the Lock and Home button simultaneously, S8 and later models have switched the whole setup a bit since the Home button has been gotten rid of.

So, here’s how you take a screenshot the old-fashioned way on Samsung S9; you get the content or picture you want to capture, bring it square on the screen and simultaneously press the volume rocker Down and the Lock button. Keep them both pressed for at least a second before you hear the shutter sound of a camera (depending whether your phone is in Silent or General mode). You will also be confirmed of the screenshot (if it has been taken) by the momentary zooming in of the screen; this will ensure that what content you wanted to capture has been screenshot-ed. Since the S9 is very feature-laden, therefore prior to being shown on the top left corner of the status bar, you will get a ribbon with four quick commands and actions for the screenshot on the bottom of the screen; you can quickly edit, share or save it to the Gallery from there. Adding a nice touch to an already existing, convenient feature.

Taking A Screenshot Via Palm Swipe Gesture:

The other really great thing about the Samsung S9 is its various gesture recognition systems, that enable it to decipher and perform several actions while being gestured at. One of these really cool features is the ‘Palm swipe to capture’ feature, which is the easiest way of capturing a screenshot. It is essentially you, the user waving his hand and the phone recognizing it as a command to capture the screen. Here’s how this intelligent feature goes down.

First, you have to make sure that the feature itself is activated and enabled to be recognized by the phone. Start by activating it from Settings, going to Advanced features. There, you will find the option ‘Palm swipe to capture’. Enable it and follow the instructions on the screen to try it out.

Or you can read it here. Bear in mind that this feature won’t work if the on-screen keyboard is being displayed, so make sure you haven’t got that on the screen. Other than that, all you have to do is navigate to the content you want to be captured, and simply start swiping (with the corner of the palm your hand) from the right side of the screen. You can stop swiping when you get to the half point; the phone only needs that much of an input. By that point, the phone will have captured the screenshot and you can hear that ‘click’ or the shutter sound of the camera. The screenshot will be available for quick commands on the bottom of the screen and for basic commands, when you swipe the status bar down after taking a screenshot. Simply, swipe your palm side across the screen and the device will capture the screen.

Taking Multiple Screenshots In A Single ‘Collage’ Via Scroll Capture:

This one is more of a gimmick than an actual screenshot mechanism, but still, provides a very unique feature to record what you are watching on the screen. You start off by first enabling ‘Smart capture’ in Advanced features in the Settings of the phone. Once you have that done, its simple onwards.

Follow any one of the above-mentioned methods, and once the screenshot has been taken and the quick command menu is visible at the bottom of the screen, simply tap on the ‘Scroll capture’ option on the menu and keep tapping it once it reaches the end of the page. Pretty impressive, right?

Taking Screenshots By Asking Bixby:

Just like you would ask Alexa to play some music in your home or ask Google Gnome to open the garage gate, you can ask Samsung’s virtual digital assistant (VDA) Bixby to take the screenshot for you. No swiping around looking like a weirdo; you will just look like the loner who only talks to his phone. Either way, you can simply tell your phone to do it for you.

So, first, you’re going to need to activate Bixby and more importantly, enable ‘Voice wake-up’. You can do so by pressing the Bixby button at the left of your device and then going into Settings and turning on ‘Voice wake-up’. Usage is very simple. You want to capture a great meme that you can’t get off Reddit without the irksome watermark? Simply press the Bixby button OR just say ‘Hi, Bixby’, followed by the voice command ‘Take a screenshot’ when the VDA is activated. Can’t get any easier than that.

Taking Screenshots By Asking Google Assistant:

Just like Bixby, you can also ask Android’s own assistant, called Google Assistant. The way it goes is pretty much similar to the Bixby deal, except you have to hold down on the digital home key and not the Bixby button. You start by long pressing the Home icon on the screen until Google Assistant appears OR simply say ‘Ok Google’, which will activate the VDA. Just say ‘Take a screenshot’ and you’re all set.

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Taking Screenshot By Samsung’s Smart Select Feature:

Remember Smart Select from point 2? Its back, and now its simpler somehow. Samsung’s Edge screen has become quite intuitive and holds a vast array of features, which also includes the very convenient and useful ‘Smart Select’ feature. To use it, you first have to include it in the Edge tiles, which you can access by swiping on the greyish bar that hangs on the curved edges of the screen. Set it to whichever number tile you think is more easier to get to when you want to take a screenshot. The ‘Smart Select’ edge screen includes four screenshot options. Choose your pick and go to work.