Ian King Los Angeles area native is no stranger to the wonder, hope, and possibilities one of the greatest cities in the world has to offer. Having grown up in Encino, CA, he is also no stranger to the hardships that exist either. That recollection is also one of the driving forces behind his philanthropic efforts.

Professionally, Ian King Los Angeles advocate and area son has had an accomplished career. That career began in earnest with his first steps into military service. As a US Marine, Ian King not only excelled, earning School of Infantry top-of-class honors in addition to a meritorious promotion, but he also took many of those traits into his civilian career.

That heart for service may also explain why Ian King still manages his own crisis management firm, King Consultants LLC. This business medium has only provided Ian King with greater means to help more people and businesses.

Ian King Los Angeles Local Gives Back

His professional accomplishments have afforded Ian King Las Angeles the capabilities to do more, but it is what he has done outside the world of business that makes him most proud. Namely, that includes his outreach work with places like the Hope Gardens Homeless Shelter and organizations like the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.

Privately, Ian King is also a member of the Pasadena Rotary, along with participating in several other rotary organizations including the Los Angeles 5 rotary, and San Fernando Valley evening rotary. Between his time helping other companies, supporting and being an active Rotarian, and his philanthropic efforts, the headline could read: Ian King Los Angeles Area Man Gives Back.

One person who won’t be touting any such praise, however, is Ian King himself. During his rare but occasional downtime, Ian King might be found playing with his pet dog. How appropriate would it be to close out this news brief on the non-business side of Ian King by reporting that Ian King’s pet dog was also an animal he rescued? Yes, that is precisely how the story goes.

The Untold Ian King Story

There are many untold stories of people just like Ian King Los Angeles area native and hardworking American, who strive to make the world around them a better place. From a career in service that began with the US Marine Corps to his work today in outreach, supporting missions and homeless shelters, to his rotary membership affiliations, Ian King’s is a story worth telling.

Ian King will be the first to tell you that he’s made mistakes. What he might not so quickly boast of, however, are the countless numbers of people he has and continues to help. These are the stories of people all around us making a difference, people like Ian King.