The latest market publication titled Immuno-oncology Market Forecast by Region, Segment, Type (Checkpoint Modulators, Cancer Vaccines) and End-User (Hospitals, Cancer Research Institute), 2022-2030 has been added to the report store by GlobalData Plc. The immuno-oncology market size was valued at USD 45.12 billion in 2021. Factors including an increase in healthcare expenditure, a rise in the prevalence and incidence of cancer, a surge in technological advancement in cancer treatment, and novel product launches are driving the immune-oncology market to record a CAGR of 20.30% during 2022-2030. However, the high cost of immuno-oncology therapies and the adverse effects of immuno-oncology products might hamper the market’s growth.

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Immuno-oncology Market Segment Highlights

By Class

  • Checkpoint Modulators: The checkpoint modulators class segment held the largest immuno-oncology market share in 2021. Checkpoint modulators are a novel class of immunotherapy drugs that have improved the treatment of a broad spectrum of cancers such as metastatic melanoma and renal cell carcinoma.
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Cell Therapies
  • Bispecific Antibodies
  • Cytokines
  • Oncolytic Viruses

By End-user

  • Hospitals : The hospital end-user segment will account for the largest immuno-oncology market size in 2021. The hospital segment has been at the forefront of the research and development of immunotherapies. Stronger financial muscle, and propensity to spend on research and development make this segment a major market for immuno-oncology solutions, thereby driving the market growth.
  • Cancer Research Centers
  • Others

Regional Outlook

  • North America: North America accounted for the highest immuno-oncology market size in 2021 and will continue to dominate the market during the projected period. North America has one of the highest numbers of approved immuno-oncology drugs as well as several established companies looking to develop immuno-oncology drugs. The major factors contributing to the market growth in North America include a rise in the incidence of cancer cases, increasing strategic partnership and M&A, and approval of novel therapies in the regions.
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • ROW

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Immuno-oncology Market Vendor Landscape

The immuno-oncology market has a highly competitive landscape. The market is led by leading players such as Merck, BMS, AstraZeneca, Roche, and Gilead accounting for around 70%-75% of the market share. In addition, the competition among players is concentrated and complex as drug companies are competing for gaining market share in oncology indications. Also, several other players are developing novel therapies for oncology indications.

Top Immuno-oncology Market Players

Amgen Inc.: Amgen Inc. identifies, develops, manufactures, and markets novel human medicines in six focused therapeutic areas, namely cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, nephrology, bone health and neuroscience. The company uses advanced human genetics to unravel the complications of the disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology. BLINCYTO is an anti-CD19 x anti-CD3 BiTE molecule used to treat B-cell precursor ALL in patients who still have detectable traces of cancer after chemotherapy.

AstraZeneca Plc: The company discovers, develops, and commercializes innovative prescription medicines, essentially for the treatment of cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular and renal, and metabolic diseases therapy areas. It is also active in the areas of autoimmunity, neuroscience, and infection. IMFINZI is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with non-small cell lung cancer.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.: BMS focuses on the discovery, development, licensing, manufacture, marketing, selling, and distribution of biopharmaceuticals and other healthcare-related products. The company’s product portfolio includes chemically-synthesized drugs and biologics and products produced from biological processes. The company offers key products including OPDIVO and Yervoy. OPDIVO (nivolumab) is a prescription medicine used in combination with YERVOY (ipilimumab) as a first treatment for adults with a type of advanced-stage lung cancer. YERVOY (ipilimumab) is a prescription medicine used in adults and children 12 years of age and older to treat melanoma (a kind of skin cancer) that has spread (metastatic) or cannot be removed by surgery (unresectable)

Other Key Immuno-oncology Market Players Covered in this Report are:

  • Palo Alto Networks Inc.
  • Hoffmann-La Roche AG
  • Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.
  • Gilead Sciences Inc.
  • Merck & Co.
  • Novartis AG

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