The infrastructure market worth was valued at $4.6 trillion in 2021. Infrastructure construction, which includes roads, railways, power and electricity, water and sewerage, and other infrastructure (which mainly comprises airports and ports), has been bolstered by rising government efforts worldwide to invest in projects to generate economic growth momentum.

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Infrastructure Market FAQs

  • What was the infrastructure market size in 2021?
    The infrastructure market size was valued at $4.6 trillion in 2021.
  • What are the key regions in the infrastructure market?
    The key regions in the infrastructure market are North-East Asia, South Asia, Western Europe, North America, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, Australasia, and Sub-saharan Africa.
  • Which country dominated the infrastructure market in 2021?
    China dominated the infrastructure market in 2021.
  • What are the main sectors of the infrastructure market?
    The key sectors in the infrastructure market are railways, roads, electricity and power, water and sewage, and airports and other infrastructure.
  • Which sector dominated the infrastructure market?
    The roads sector dominated the infrastructure market in 2021.

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Infrastructure Market Highlights

  • At the sector level, global infrastructure spending will continue to be dominated by roads and electricity and power sectors. In terms of infrastructure spending growth, the rail sector will register the fastest growth rate, expanding at an annual average of 6.8% in 2022-2026, with numerous high-value projects being pushed ahead.
  • In terms of regions, China emerged as the leader in 2021. The growth can be mainly attributed to the heavy investments by the Chinese government in infrastructure development to drive the economy and counter the impact of faltering real estate sectors. China is also investing in power projects. According to China’s National Energy Administration (NEA), investment in major energy projects increased by 15.9% YoY in the first half of 2022.

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Infrastructure Market Scope

Infrastructure Construction Projects Market Sectors Outlook (Value, $trillion, 2016-2026)

  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Electricity & Power
  • Water and Sewerage
  • Airports and Other Infrastructure

Infrastructure Construction Projects Market Regions Outlook (Value, $trillion, 2016-2026)

  • Western Europe
  • Australasia
  • China
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • MENA
  • North America
  • North-East Asia ex-China
  • South Asia
  • South-East Asia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

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