With the need to turn to the virtual world, twenty-four old PRIDE PRODUCTS, the leading provider of swag to the legal industry pivoted last summer and successfully launched ConnectRship

ConnectRship is a virtual game experience created as a solution for the challenges covid brought on like team building, client engagement and company culture.

While aware that many of their clients are starting to plan live events, ConnectRship strongly believes that a silver lining to covid was learning that Zoom events really work if they are executed well.

Clients have confirmed that there is value in continuing to use virtual events strategically for different purposes.  Clearly lots of economic saving opportunities.

The challenge of attendance is something ConnectRship is well aware and has creative ideas for overcoming this.

Standard one hour events include a variety (typically 6-8) of activities that are interactive and assist clients in developing/maintaining relationships with clients and co-workers.

Law Firms (quite a few AM Law 100) have used ConnectRship in a variety of ways from:

Client engagement (inviting clients to play/interact with attorneys), Alumni events (no longer a geography/travel barrier), Practice Area specific (customizing activity content to the given practice area), Department team building/fun, Welcoming new hires, Diversity and Women’s events, Partner/Leadership retreats.

And the hottest right now is for law firm Summer Associate Programs using ConnectRship to help welcome summer associates and make them feel part of their new firm. In some cases firms are teaming them up with mentors/partners.  One firm even utilizing a tournament to give them more fun and exposure throughout the program to meet others in a non-work environment.

As an alternative to softball and basketball leagues, a ConnectRship fall league is to start in September where firms can enter team(s) to compete against other firms – have fun and network – 3 firms already committed.

For more information on booking an event, seeing a live demo or getting references from CMOs, CHRO, Directors of Recruiting etc, reach out to info@connectRship.com

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See Campaign: https://www.connectrship.com/
Contact Information:
Name: Andrew Nadel Email: info@connectrship.com

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Contact Information:

Name: Andrew Nadel
Email: info@connectrship.com