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Mamma Mia Covers is the official partner and distributor of Italian manufacturer Paulato. For over 40 years, it has been creating high-quality covers for couches and armchairs to protect them and enhance their look.

Our company combined handcrafted Italian fabrics with a modern vision for sustainable interior design. As a result, we got practical slipcovers that fit any piece of furniture.


Produce innovative goods based on three concepts: unique technology, high-quality materials, and sustainability.


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Patented on an international level, Paulato’s technology “WAVYTECH” speaks for itself. The unique process transforms the basic fabric into a bi-elastic one, making it thick and soft. That’s why slipcovers are easy to put on, and they don’t deform the original shape of furniture. Given their elasticity, slipcovers fit all angles and folds perfectly. Cuddling like waves, they are pleasant to touch.

As to functional characteristics, our product is a solution for those who have children and pets. There is no need for furniture cleaning; slipcovers protect from dust, dirt, and clawing. In addition, they are 100% kids and pets-friendly!


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Made in Italy, quality provides long-lasting traditions and personal touch to every product. From choosing the fabrics to packaging, our expert craftsmen pay attention to the minor details. In addition, last generation machinery together with a specialized workforce, allows us to produce elastic and soft slipcovers.

Our products are available in three collections:

Microfibra. Easy to clean and water-repellent, it eliminates all doubts concerning the need for changes. In addition, the variety of bright and vivid colors matches the style of any house.

Velvet. The softness of the fabric helps to make the old sofa more comfortable. Its simplicity and elegance don’t overwhelm the interior but complement it.

Jacquard 3D. Enriched with floral patterns and warm colors, it matches those who seek chick and elegance.

Italian quality is about responsibility and care about the customer.


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Being environmentally conscious is a crucial choice we help people to make. For example, all our slipcovers are made of eco-friendly materials.

To live sustainably doesn’t mean ascetically. For example, you may want to change your home interior and have a furniture makeover. Here come slipcovers.

Functional and stylish slipcovers take only two minutes to put on the furniture and loyally serve you for years.

Make comfort your priority with Mamma Mia Covers!

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