With over a billion people facing problems due to being overweight, people all around the globe are on the lookout to shed excess weight. With hundreds of diets and weight loss programs available on the market, choosing the right program for you can be confusing. 

It will be much more helpful if you had a deeper understanding of weight loss and what it involves. What you are looking to gain from it and how you are going to do it, etc.  With this clarity of vision, you would be much more driven to make your weight loss dreams come true. So, without further ado, here is our select list of Must-Know Weight Loss Basics.


What is obesity?

Obesity, in simple terms, is a condition when your body is beyond the optimal body mass index. This is the number that denotes how much you should weigh according to your height, age, etc. People who are overweight tend to harbor many ailments such as heart and lung disease, diabetes, etc, among others. It is characterized by an inability to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy body weight. 

What is weight loss?

All the scientific mumbo jumbo aside, weight loss is simply more calories burned and fewer calories consumed. There might be many chemical and physiological processes that entail weight loss. Like how your metabolism plays an important role in weight loss, and how the stomach biome promotes weight loss, etc. But simply put, you need to burn more calories and consume less to make weight loss possible. Burning more calories ensures that you do not store excess fat in your body. While limiting your caloric intake ensures that the body has only what it needs, and nothing more.

Not all weight loss is healthy weight loss

A primary issue with most weight loss solutions is the tendency to ignore the necessities of the body. Such formulas, programs, etc, burden your body beyond its limits. This puts unnecessary strain on your body simultaneously depriving it of necessary minerals and nutrients. So, you need to be careful in choosing the right kind of weight loss solution such as the LeanBelly 3X formula. This formula supports weight loss but does not harm the body. It caters to all the nutrient needs of the body while helping you shed excess fat. Likewise, you need to make an informed choice not to overly strain the body.

Lifestyle, lifestyle, and lifestyle

If you are obese, two out of three times it is caused by your lifestyle. The fact that you rarely move from your chair at the workplace. Or the fact that you prefer playing video games at the weekends instead of going outdoor. Or your regular morning visit to the drive-thru to pick up your daily dose of grease. All of these contribute heavily to weight loss. Lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, or even diabetes can lead to obesity. And changing such a lifestyle is the only permanent solution

Less intake, More effort

This is in keeping with the previous three points. You need to consume fewer calories so long as you are overweight. This must be done all the while catering to the needs of your body. This ensures that your body has only the necessary nutrients to function and nothing left to store. In addition, you need to move more. Movements, or any kind of activity for that matter, helps you burn up your fat reserve. This is why exercise is the primary recommended method to lose weight.

Keep your ears open

Most of those who are obese, do not notice it until very late. Most of us live the hectic, target driven modern life that we often forget to take a minute to meditate at our reflections. Such moments of self-analysis can give you important insights into your body weight. It can even warn you of impending dangers lurking around. So you must pay attention to your body. Maybe that creaking in your joints or that labored breathing must tell you something.

Weight loss is for you, by you.

So long as you are the one suffering the bad effects of excess weight, you are the one responsible for your weight loss. As much as your family, friends, etc, will be proud and happy for a fit and healthy you, the one who ultimately gains from weight loss is you. So weight loss has to be done by you, for you. 

The above guidelines are very brief and to the point. Everything else involved in weight loss is founded upon these principles. So understanding and executing these principles in your life is the very first step of any weight loss journey. And we wish you good luck with yours.