Nicholas Liou explains how Boys and Girls Clubs of America positively transform lives.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America have been building better futures for kids for 160 years. Boys and Girls Clubs volunteer Nicholas Liou recently discussed how this organization transforms lives.

“Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club has been life-changing for me,” Liou said. “I’ve had a front-row seat watching the lives of these kids transform in numerous positive ways.”

Nicholas Liou explained that Boys and Girls Clubs of America are geared toward providing safer childhoods, enhancing the lives of young people, and providing them with positive mentorship. Boys and Girls clubs bridge the gap between school and home, offering kids a safe place to be when the school bell rings at the end of the day.

Nicholas Liou Explains How Boys and Girls Clubs Transform Lives

The Mission of Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys and Girls Clubs of America set out 160 years ago to provide a better future for kids around the country. The goal is to help every child who passes through the boys and girls clubs door to reach their full potential.

Clubs around the country have been highly successful in reaching their goals, with 97 percent of Club teens now expected to graduate high school. Roughly 88 percent of them are expected to complete post-secondary education.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America are committed to inclusion. That means acceptance and support of all youth regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, race, religion, economic status, and more. Every single child who passes through those doors is encouraged to reach their full potential in school and beyond.

Nicholas Liou and Volunteering for Boys and Girls Clubs

Nicholas Liou has spent more than 200 hours volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club near his home in Evanston, Illinois.

Volunteers can play numerous roles in Boys and Girls Clubs organizations. Roles may include assistance with homework, coaching sports, teaching certain skills, or simply becoming a mentor of a child in need.

“I am positive these kids have had as large of an impact on me as I did on them,” Liou said. “Spending time with them has made me a better person, and I encourage anyone who is interested to consider volunteering for this organization.”

Nicholas Liou explained that you can simply log onto the website and locate a Boys and Girls Club near you. From there, you can see all the volunteer opportunities available at your local club.

Individuals who may not have the extra time to volunteer right now can also make a donation to a local organization or the club as a whole.

“Every bit helps to impact the lives of our nation’s kids and to keep this iconic organization thriving,” Nicholas Liou concluded.