Apple recently announced the launch of its new Pay Later service that will come native to Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. But “Buy Now, Pay Later” programs aren’t new– in fact, they’re quite common. So what are the benefits of using one? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

What is BNPL?

BNPL is short for “buy now, pay later.” It’s a common financial tool that allows customers to pay for items or services over time with installment loans. These loans will either have low-interest rates or even 0% interest, making them useful for emergencies when money is tight.

Why is BNPL risky to use?

When customers are offered the option to “Buy Now Pay Later,” they may be enticed by the convenience of not having to pay for the item immediately. However, this option carries with it some risks.

First, if the customer cannot afford to pay off their purchase over time, they may default on their debt and become delinquent. Many people in this situation have had to resort to using a loan consolidation calculator to help adjust their finances. Otherwise, the negative consequences of spending over your means can occur, including increased debt, lowering your credit score, and possibly being sent to collections.

How will Apple’s BNPL program work?

Apple’s Pay Later service will allow users to buy things with Apple Pay and have the option of either paying now or having an installment loan that’s paid back in four payments over six weeks. Apple says there will be no interest charge on purchases made with Pay Later, but late fees or other costs have not yet been released.

What can you use Pay Later for?

If your merchant accepts Apple Pay, then there’s no limit to the things you can buy with Apple’s new BNPL program. Some users of other BNPLs have used them for large purchases, emergency repairs, healthcare costs, and more.

What are some tips for using Apple’s Pay Later service?

Here are a few tips if you’re thinking about using a BNPL program like Apple’s:

1) Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the program before activating it. There may be restrictions on how much you can spend or how often you can use the program, so be sure to read everything carefully before making any decisions.

2) Always keep track of your payments– if there’s an issue with one of your payments, make sure to contact the company immediately so they can fix it. Otherwise, you could get charged extra fees or lose your chance at receiving rewards associated with the program (such as free products).

3) Don’t use it for small, impulse purchases – if you’re only going to use a BNPL to buy something small like coffee or lunch, try using cash instead. That way, you’ll have more control over how much money you spend, and you won’t have to worry about getting charged extra fees if there’s an issue with your payment.

The bottom line

BNPL programs like Apple’s upcoming Pay Later are a great way to ensure you get the most out of your money. Just be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the program before activating it, keep track of your payments, and don’t use it for small, impulse purchases.

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