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Flash Nodes Enables Frictionless Collaboration, Allowing Optable Customers to Easily create data clean rooms with their partners

London, UK 24th May 2022 — Optable, a SaaS data collaboration platform and clean room solution designed for the advertising ecosystem, today announced the introduction of Flash Nodes, a new tier of Data Collaboration Nodes (DCNs) that will allow Optable customers to invite their own clients to collaborate securely and privately around audiences at no cost to the invited partner.

“As the use of Data Clean Rooms ramps up across the ecosystem, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to spin up clean rooms for a specific purpose, ” said Vlad Stesin, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Optable. “The principles of interoperability and frictionless collaboration are very important to our product, and the release of Flash Nodes makes it even easier for our customers to collaborate with their partners and clients who aren’t necessarily Optable customers. Publishers, brands, data vendors and ad platforms can now instantly create secure data clean rooms for collaboration with their own customers.”

Optable’s end-to-end approach to data collaboration makes Flash Nodes relevant for a variety of data collaboration opportunities. The platform enables safe, secure and privacy-preserving audience analysis, as well as robust, direct activation capabilities. The user experience is designed for ad-ops, media planners and marketers through a simple, no code UI.

“Optable’s Flash Nodes feature allows La Presse to be fully autonomous in the process of integrating with our advertisers. The setup is simple and frictionless, enabling a smooth experience for both parties,” said Floran Thoumelin, Director of Data and Audience Advertising Products at La Presse. “This method allows La Presse to multiply the cleanroom activations, while maintaining full control on the operations. It is truly a success!”

Flash Nodes is the latest feature designed in support of Optable’s mission to securely connect the world’s audience data by enhancing secure collaboration between advertisers and publishers. By removing barriers to entry, Optable is making the Data Clean Room approach to collaboration easier and more efficient for the advertising ecosystem. 

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Optable is a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy. Inspired by the radical transformation in how data is governed, connected, and used, Optable was built by veterans of the ad tech industry to address the need for a new generation of privacy-preserving data collaboration software. https://optable.co/

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