Though we’ve journeyed before, this Passover celebration was a dream come true. From an unforgettable Seder to performances that left us cheering in awe, every part felt like pure magic. Going on a vacation with Shainfeld Tours was like strolling through a dreamland filled with delicious kosher food.

As folks who really enjoy Passover getaways, we’ve chosen Shainfeld Tours before, but nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, prepared us for how incredible last year’s trip turned out to be. Sure, it might cost a bit more, but Passover only comes around once a year! To sum it up plainly: Totally worth the money, and then some!

Shainfeld Tours made our Passover experience unforgettable!

Picture non-stop tasty food, incredible Jewish performances, and a Seder night so impressive we half-expected Moses to join. The surprises were a total blast, but I can’t spill the beans just yet!

Now, let’s talk about our accommodations. Shainfeld worked their wonders at the Sheraton Rhodes and the adjacent Rhodes-Bay hotel. We lodged in one of the most luxurious resorts imaginable — featuring five fantastic pools, including a designated one for the kiddos, and green areas that had us entertaining the idea of becoming professional picnic enthusiasts.

In a nutshell, Shainfeld didn’t just organize a standard kosher vacation; they crafted a Passover masterpiece. We basked in the Rhodes sun and are seriously considering making it our permanent spot for the Passover season.

Our kosher vacation felt like the ultimate food bash!

Shainfeld didn’t just bring chefs; they brought a whole squad of kitchen heroes – over 120 experts, including award winning chefs, pastry magicians, and bartenders who whipped up fantastic drinks, all kosher-style.

Every meal was a feast fit for royalty – loads of deliciousness from morning till night. Think meats, fish, soups, salads, cakes, and desserts galore. It was a massive celebration of food that even the fanciest restaurants couldn’t match.

And that’s not all! Shainfeld turned the hotel into an ongoing food celebration! Two bars, one stocked with delights like drinks, cakes, fruit, and pancakes vanishing in an instant. The other, an Irish lobby bar open until the stars took a Passover break, serving up kosher cocktails and sophisticated drinks ranging from Israel to Italy.

In Shainfeld’s world, even the pickiest eaters including the kids, devoured everything – because who can resist midnight pancakes?

Passover turned out to be an unexpected blast!

Right before the Seder, a glam squad worked their magic, transforming the ladies into Seder night stars. Moms and daughters entered the event looking like they were ready to walk down the aisle – cue the wedding music!

But the real stars? Shainfeld’s nightly themes! Imagine a paradise of meat and wine – filet, entrecote, and fancy wines, all accompanied by live music.

Next up was cocktail night, a fusion of fancy drinks and matzo, leading to a poolside barbecue bash. Two hours post-dinner, just as we believed we couldn’t manage another bite, Shainfeld astonished us at 11:30 PM with a meat feast and a wine supply rivaling the vineyards of Israel. Passover diet? Perhaps, we’ll consider it next year!

And the entertainment? Shainfeld knows how to throw a party – Yishai Lapidot, Dudu Fischer, Moishi Reucher, and even a mind-reading mentalist. The crowd went crazy!

Great reviews about the fantastic kosher luxury experience with Shainfeld Tours!

During our relaxed post-vacation chat (which, of course, happened during the community kiddush), everyone gave Shainfeld’s Passover celebration a big thumbs-up.

The Greenberg family was overflowing with gratitude. “Shainfeld, you’re the real heroes! From the abundance of everything to the careful planning and those small details, you made our Passover super special. Here’s to many more years of Shainfeld-style vacations!”

Then there’s Avraham Feldman, who scoured Greece for the perfect kosher hotel and found it with Shainfeld Tours. “They told us we’d never regret it, and they were right! Two weeks of Passover paradise, and now we’re spoiled for life. Shainfeld, you’ve set the bar high for all our future vacations!”

In brief, Passover with Shainfeld isn’t just a getaway; it’s an incredibly luxurious adventure that pampers you to the core. Take our word for it – it’s a memory we’ve engraved in our vacation scrapbook as the ultimate experience!