Findings could transform travel for seniors in a post-COVID world

LONDON, ENGLAND (31 March 2022) –

New research from Pension Times has debunked long-standing and still widely believed myths about travel insurance for over 50s, with the findings set to transform travel and holiday planning for this age group in a post-COVID world.

Having previously published and promoted several guides to finding suitable travel insurance in later life, many over 50s got in touch to detail their struggles with getting cover, saying insurer restrictions meant they couldn’t get insurance:

  • If they had pre-existing conditions
  • Without paying hefty premiums
  • If they wanted to take trips of longer than a month.


Prompted by this feedback, Pension Times investigated whether this amounted to age discrimination against older age groups, but found the devil was in the detail.

While finding cover for pre-existing conditions can be challenging and higher travel insurance premiums are a reality as we get older, these can generally both be dealt with through a combination of shopping around and finding specialist cover.

Most notably, Pension Times’ investigation found that long-stay travel insurance is indeed widely available to over 50s, but that longer trips are generally only covered by single-trip polices. With it being widely known that annual multi-trip cover can work out far cheaper than buying a single-trip policy each time you travel, it appears many over 50s bought their policies with an understandable focus on price, but without realising it was to the detriment of their travel ambitions.

Among both mainstream and niche travel insurance brands, Pension Times found long-stay cover available for as long as 18 months.

These findings are sure to be welcomed by travel-loving over 50s, especially those who might have missed out on fulfilling their travel ambitions in the past two years during the pandemic.

Commenting on the availability of long-stay travel insurance for over 50s, Karl Tippins, Editor-in-Chief, Pension Times, said: “This is a classic case of people not having all the information they need to make the best possible decision when choosing a financial service or product.

“While a significant chunk of our audience – and undoubtedly many more older people across the country – thought their travels would be limited to two to three weeks at a time, it will be heartening for many to learn they have more flexibility around their holiday planning than they perhaps thought.

“It’s simply a case of knowing what is out there. Although annual multi-trip cover remains the best value option for travellers planning multiple shorter trips during the year, opting for single trip cover opens up the potential for longer holidays to one or several destinations.

“As young at heart holidaymakers look to take life in a post-COVID by the horns, this knowledge can truly help them expand their horizons.”


Further details about travel insurance for over 50s and older age groups is available at https://www.pensiontimes.co.uk/insurance/travel-insurance/guide-to-travel-insurance-for-older-people.


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