The Director of New Business Development says companies have to consider how they can establish a lasting connection with their audience.

Building trust with customers takes time and focused effort, according to Peter Foxhoven. The businessman has experience in helping companies with growth as a Director of New Business Development for Advantage Administrators. He says that trust is crucial for businesses that want to achieve long-term success with supportive buyers.

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Peter Foxhoven recently gave nine ways businesses can build trust.

Video Testimonials: Connect your audience with a person who believes in your brand, says Peter Foxhoven. Video is a compelling and engaging way to share a positive experience about your products or services.

Case Studies: Show proof of value with a case study that provides outcomes for a project involving your product or service, he suggests. Case studies can show how a specific customer or client was able to achieve success after using a product or service.

Referrals: If customers are willing to tell their peers, coworkers, friends, or family about your business, your reputation will increase. Referrals are one of the most powerful forms of marketing because they are unsolicited opinions from a friend or trusted source, he explains.

High Integrity: Dealing with integrity is a crucial part of building a brand that is considered trustworthy, Peter Foxhoven says. Responsive customer service should be part of your brand’s commitment to quality and integrity.

Intuitive Design: Website design is often one of the first impressions a company makes on its audience. Just like you want a clean office or store, Peter Foxhoven says it’s important to have a website that is organized and easy for visitors to navigate.

Consistent Branding: Inconsistent messages can make it seem like your brand won’t deliver reliable results. Peter Foxhoven says it is important to keep your messaging, visuals, principles, and goals the same throughout all touchpoints of the customer experience.

Clear and Visible Contact Information: Being able to content a brand rep or employee is important to most customers if a problem arises. Clear contact information (including a phone number and address) will go a long way in helping your audience feel like they can trust your company, he says.

Quick Responses from Company Experts: When someone does reach out, Peter Foxhoven explains that prompt responses are important. Many people today expect brands to respond within an hour or two—not days. If a solution is not readily available, communicating to the customer will still go a long way in helping them feel heard and valued.

Interactive Opportunities: Getting customer feedback and encouraging interaction can help show that your company is listening to your audience. Peter Foxhoven recommends finding ways to practice outreach so your audience is involved in your brand’s growth.

“Brands can build trust by keeping their goals, messaging, and practices customer-centric,” concludes Peter Foxhoven. “The best way to achieve a trustworthy brand is to keep it a central pillar and part of your long-term strategy. Even if you act with integrity, you need to take it a step further and look trustworthy as well.”