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JUST NOW, the streaming service Vuuzle.TV offers a selection of romantic movies with an interesting and unusual plot to watch together with your partner! 

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Drama / Family / Romance

What is this movie about? Anthony Seton lives the modern definition of the perfect life. Young and handsome, with a successful job and an active social scene, everything that today’s society covets seems well within his grasp. But when a series of circumstances challenge the foundations of that world, he realizes that life, as defined by secular truths, may not be much of a life at all and that the real answer is a lot closer than he thinks.

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Romance / Lifestyle

What is this movie about? Female residents of a small town are drawn into complex relations with a local author of erotic fiction.

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Drama / Comedy / Romance

What is this movie about? When the best friends of an uptight groom accidentally hire a hooker for his bachelor party they must hide her from his bride and her eccentric bridesmaids before the pimp ruins his wedding and any hope he has of living happily ever after.

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Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Romance

What is this movie about? Fantasy film based on the medieval legend of the visionary Queen Libuse (Winter Ave Zoli), founder of Prague. When Libuse marries the farmer Premysl (Csaba Lucas) he threatens to destroy her new kingdom.

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Comedy / Romance

What is this movie about? Steve, who is stuck in a corporate loophole, while a business trip he meets Amanda, an escort worker that has more to her than just the look, the drive, and the desire.

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Author: Ivanna Samotei // Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist at Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

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