Prima capsules provide special support in reducing weight. They support the body as part of diets.
You can buy the product with a discount here: Click here for the official online shop (discount) Great capsules test & experience The Prima capsules are used as dietary supplements and weight loss products. The product was developed by medical professionals and scientists to support people who are on a diet to reduce their weight. The capsules are suitable for people over the age of 18 who want to lose their excess weight without having to make serious changes to their lifestyle or have to follow a crash diet. According to experience reports, users experience fewer food cravings by taking the capsules and are more motivated to reduce their weight.
great capsules The Prima capsules are available without presenting a doctor’s prescription. Areas of application for the Prima capsules The Prima capsules are used to treat overweight and obesity. In addition, their use is useful for reducing weight and improving weight control.
effect The positive effects of the Prima capsules are due to the active ingredient complex they contain. He has several factors that help you lose weight. Regular administration of the capsules leads to a feeling of satiety. In this way, big appetites and even food cravings can be avoided. The tablets bind the fats that the body receives from food every day. This can be used to counteract their absorption. The calories are no longer converted into fat deposits, which in turn affects the gain in weight. The positive effect of the Prima capsules has been proven in various studies. Typically, the body loses most of its weight between the 8th and 12th week of use. The studies mostly took 8 to 16 weeks to complete. The capsules are equally suitable for men and women. However, regular and long-term use of the dietary supplement is important. The reduction in weight is considered to be faster and more lasting than with conventional preparations that are common on the market. Regular administration reduces the percentage of body fat, which is also true for active people and athletes. (Any or all of the links in this article are affiliate links and the author receives a small commission from the sale of this product, the price stays the same for you.)
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Directly to the official online shop (discount) What are the advantages of the Prima capsules? The Prima capsules are particularly recommended for people who have been overweight for a long time. Longer use of the product can benefit both body and mind. The biggest pluses include:
  • preventing food cravings that lead to unwanted weight gain
  • a higher basal metabolic rate of the body, which in turn leads to a loss of weight
  • the breakdown of fat deposits as well as counteracting new fat deposits
  • a better sense of body and life
  • no starvation
  • no yo-yo effect
  • supportive treatment for obesity
  • fills you up in 30 minutes
  • moves the fat out of the body
  • does not break down muscle mass
  • increases the energy level
  • uses only natural ingredients
  ingredients The Prima capsules contain three active ingredients. It refers to: Arginine L-arginine is an essential amino acid. Its functions include building muscles. Furthermore, it helps people to be more productive. L-arginine is particularly helpful for athletes or people who get tired quickly or suffer from exhaustion. L-arginine supports athletic units and increases the success of training. Carnitine The amino acid compound L-carnitine occurs in the fat metabolism of the human organism. It is a vitamin-like substance that takes on a transport function. Long-chain fatty acids are transported from the blood to the mitochondria by L-carnitine. At this point it is then burned into energy. How important L-carnitine is for the body is shown by the fact that without it the organism would use proteins as an energy source. As a result, the muscles no longer received sufficient protein. Garcinia Cambogia Extract The Garcinia Cambogia extract is also known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It is considered a typical fat burner. Garcinia Cambogia is a plant from southern Asia. It has the property of stimulating fat metabolism. It inhibits or blocks the absorption of fat. In this way, the fat synthesis of amino acids, which come from the liver, is inhibited. In addition, there are numerous valuable antioxidants in Garcinia Cambogia. They promote health and slow down the aging process. type of application To help you lose weight, it is recommended to take one Prima capsule a day whole with plenty of fluid such as 500 milliliters of water. It makes sense to give the capsule 15 to 30 minutes before a main meal. It should be the largest meal of the day, i.e. the one with the highest calorie and fat content. If there are problems swallowing a capsule, it is possible to open it, mix it with water and then drink the contents. To ensure that the result is good, it is recommended to use it over a longer period of time. Prima capsules are not suitable for children and adolescents under 18 years of age. Can there be side effects from taking the Prima capsules? The Prima capsules are not a drug, but a dietary supplement. Unwanted side effects are usually not to be feared. During pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as if you have pre-existing conditions, a doctor should be asked for advice before use. The same applies if drugs are taken at the same time. In general, the food supplement is classified as well tolerated. If there are contraindications such as an allergy to one of the ingredients, the product must not be used. Where can I get the Prima capsules? The Prima capsules can be ordered on the manufacturer’s website . There are currently three different products on offer. These are:
  • the savings package at 49.90 euros plus shipping costs, which includes a supply for one month
  • the best buy package with six packs that are delivered once at EUR 24.08 per pack
  • the advantage package, which contains three packs once at 33.30 euros per pack
Conclusion and evaluation The Prima capsules are classified as a highly effective dietary supplement that helps with weight loss. The effect of the weight loss product, which was developed by a team of medical specialists, has been confirmed in various scientific studies. The product is considered safe and free from undesirable side effects. The Prima capsules are not only suitable for people who are very overweight, but can also be used by people who just want to lose a few pounds in order to feel better.