It may not happen too often, but there are occasions when you may need to move your car, motorcycle, RV or boat, from one destination to another. Because these aren’t low-cost possessions, it’s always advisable to give some thought on how you should move them. Using reputable car transport services is the most effective way to deliver automobiles and heavy equipment over long distances. However, there are other options available too.

In this post, we’ll discuss three options available to most people.

Option#1: Driving it across

For some vehicle owners, auto transport is a matter of hopping into the driver’s seat, and driving the car across to its destination. Typically, this might be a preferred way to move an automobile from point-A to point-B – but only for short trips. When the trips are longer, driving as an option gets complicated:

 – Long haul driving: Many insurance premiums are based on “average” mileage. Do you have long-distance insurance coverage?

 – Driver fatigue: If you typically drive 30 or 40 miles a day, you might be okay moving your car from one city to another. But can you handle 200 miles…or more? Do you need a companion driver to share the driving – whom will it be? Will they take time off work or personal commitments?

– Route familiarity and planning: If this is the first time that you’re moving your vehicle to this place, you’ll need to do a lot of planning and research. Relying solely on GPS may not cut it, especially when there’s bad weather, road construction and special-event rerouting to contend with. Professional car transport services companies do these moves all the time, and know routes, roads, short-cuts and safe ways to every destination. What about you?

– What if you’re crossing state lines: Does your insurance coverage permit that? Will your provider cover you in case of an out-of-state accident?

Option#2: Get your neighborhood towing truck to help

While this might be a better option to choose, it still doesn’t address many of the same challenges highlighted earlier:

 – Is the towing company out-of-state licensed?

 – Do they know the routes well?

 – Will they charge you extra for insuring your vehicle against damage or accidents?

Most importantly though, is the question about proper equipment and technique. Tow trucks are great at hitching disabled vehicles from the scene of an accident, and zipping over to a body shop. But transporting automobiles as “precious cargo” might not be their strength. In fact, performing auto transport by rigging an expensive (and perfectly functional!) vehicle to the end of a crane, for a long trip, might do more harm to the car.

Option#3: The Preferred way

The easiest, and most expeditious way to move cars and other automobiles is by using professionals to handle the task for you. Moving vehicles using car transport services is not only cost-effective but they are guaranteed and safe. In the event of damages, the process to log a damage claim are clear and transparent, unlike that when using independent haulers or local tow truck operators.


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